Do you find Michelle Obama trashy?

The i couldn’t have done it without my amazing wife’ Michelle Obama. She neither dresses for her man nor covers herself in church, preferring to impress her go-grrrl friends by wandering around dressed like some Boko Haram hostage.
Do you find Michelle Obama trashy?


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  • I think you are confusing Melania with Michelle.
    Get your facts straight.

    • Also, why the fuck would she dress for her man? Bitch do you know what year this is?
      We women of the 21st century dress for ourselves, y'all don't control our closets.
      Go back to your 50s wasteland bubble.

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    • Photoshop my ass...
      Michelle looks good whether you like it or not.

    • She Photoshops her was too

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  • trashy?
    I think you must be thinking of the first trophy wife we currently have

    • That's rascist and xenophobic

    • Is also racist and xenophobic to actually spell correctly

    • Its rascist to correct spelling and grammar

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  • she's far from trashy in any way shape or form. she's poise, classy and elegant

    • That's Melania Trump.

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    • are you dumb? michelle obama started that campaign that changed the food in schools to keep kids more healthy and she isn't fat you idiot she's a very mucled and fit extremely healthy woman. bye

    • She's a beast

  • Nope, she is a wonderful and classy woman.

    • Yeah I agree, and she is an amazing role model!

    • @princ3ssAlly... for trashy women?

    • It is very clear what your opinion is of her but you really don't need to start trouble with others who differ in opinion.

  • You're missing the 1000s of pictures where Michelle is dressed tactfully, attractively and appropriately.

    And if you have nothing to say about Melania's posing actually nude in a men's magazine, you're a hypocrite.

    • Melania was a fashion model.

    • I don't, myself, have a problem with he having posed nude and such.

      But if YOU are going to call Michelle "trashy" and you're not even going to mention Melania's nude modelling, you're a hypocrite.

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