Extremely confused by this girl?

This girl I like follows me around. Whenever she walks past me, she would look down at the ground, get flustered and walk faster. She stares at me from a distance and would quickly look away. She blushes and acts excited when I am around her. Her friends keep staring at me. She either talks loudly around me or gets quiet. She was watching me from a distance through the corner of her eyes, then came and started talking to the people beside me, looking over their shoulders to look at me and looking away.

Then she took me off social media like Instagram and snapchat, but still stares at me and follows me around.


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  • she's shy and wants you to approach her. and took you off social media just to see if you notice and how you react around her after to see if you like her back. I met a girl so shy that even sitting right next to her she would text me. and her friend had to text me to make the first move because I couldn't tell what she wanted. they were staying in the state I'm from for vacation and picked them up from the airport to hang out at a hotel. just ended up making out with her but definitely weird because she was an amazing kisser. just extremely submissive I guess


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  • she has a crush on you. she seems just shy and eye contact is awkward for anyone that is shy so if she's looking down it's normal and not strange


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