I need a GOOD straighten iron?

i need a GOOD straighten iron I have long thick hair and I don't know what iron to get if a CHI or GHD I want the iron to leave my hair Silky Shiny Straight... idc about the price please leave me comments on your suggestions


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  • if you type in to google the nano titanium by babyliss pro, its such and amazing flat iron! it works wonders. I have it, and my hair is think and nappy.lol I don't usually wear my hair naturally, but yeah. it heats up in like 5 seconds, its the 1 inch one I have. its so slender but it works soooooo good! if you buy this one I can gaurantee you it will really straighten your hair and make it silky! its better than the chi. cause I had the chi before this but my aunt is a hairdresser and bought me one. it works wonders!

    hope this helped:]

    • Thank you for your suggestion but how much did your aunt but it for?

    • I don't even know. it was on sale for two of them for $129 for the one inch and the one and a half inch.idk how much separate though sorry!

    • Its ok Thanks anyway =)

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  • I've found that it's never necessarily the iron, but the product you use before hand. I have naturally curly frizzy hair. Try some Moroccan oil.

    Note- I had a chi for a long time and really was pretty pleased with it. I dropped it once and it was done though.

    • Is that all you put in your hair?

      and thanks for your review on the chi

    • I always use that no matter what. It really cuts the drying time too. I will occasionally use the herbal essence leave in conditioner after I style. It works well for those humid days and doesn't leave it looking greasy like some products.

  • I have thick hair too.. I have a Chi and it works great for me. :)

  • i have a sedu but I always hear so many good things about the chi...but I hear good stuff about ghd too but mostly the chi is hyped up. I regret getting the sedu I think I probably should have gotten the chi