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Fat people wearing skinny jeans. I know. I know. Wear what you like, but some times...it just...no.

Guys who wear skinny jeans and then let them hang off their ass even though they have a belt and the option to buy less ill fitting jeans that won't slowly suffocate your balls and penis.

People who part their hair dramatically to the side and then spend their time brushing it to the side every thirty seconds or the stupid hair flip because they don't know how to properly part their hair to look good, or use bobby pins or clips..

Skinny jeans worn with vans generally looks silly unless you're thin and have small feet.

Badly applied eyeliner, raccoon eyes, or Orochimaru eyeliner..

People who watch anime and then try their hardest to be Japanese and act like they're from an anime and fail terribly. Some do it well. Most don't.

The duck face epidemic where girls make a strange duck bill with their lips.

...Am I the only person who wants to kill a baby seal when they see this?


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  • seriously, is it really any of your buisness why people dress the way they do or are into the styles that they are into?

    and until you are are perfect, you should probably not spend so much time worrying about other peoples so called "flaws"

    and to answer your question, yes you are the only one who wants to kill baby seals when you see people expressing their individuality through fashion.


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  • This is a place for questions, not your personal rant session, or your diary. Bitch elsewhere.

    • .I asked a question. It says "Am I the only person who wants to kill a baby seal when they see this?" There. Question.

  • I just hate hipster fashion entirely.


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  • uhm just look away? and I think the killing a baby seal was a bit to far yes it does look dumb or not nice but honestly don't look and don't you have better things to worry about than that?