Guys what turns you on?

Like hair, a good smile or..?


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  • That switch on my back, can't miss it it says "on switch," guys are easy, anything from a really good smell, to feminine touching can turn us on, hey some of us can just have a girl sit on our lap and even if the moment is sexual get turned on.

    Personally though, what turns me on most is knowing how much I'm turning her on, and having a degree of control/dominance.

    But if you mean more like what I find physwically attractive... which isn't the same thing as being a "turn on" which implies arousal, larger more doeful eyes, good skin, healthy hair, a good sense of style that is unique without TRYING to be unique (just TRYING to be unique for sake of being unique just comes off as fake and irritating), a visually outward intelligence and dabbling of philosophical thinking, a good humor, a cute nose (slightly up turned is most attractive to me) and chin, a petite frame and short stature more becoming of feminine traits (guys like doing things for ladies that they may not be able to do for themselves, and if they can do it's usually considered a bit cute if they struggle a little with cumbersome objects).

    All of that being said, none of that is really deffinate for anyone one person including myself, people like what they will like, and people will fall in love with whomever they will fall in love with, and not always do such traits determine the quality of a woman or the interest a man will have in having a serious and commited relationship with said woman. They're just admirable qualities/attractive qualities to me.

    Anyways, best of luck to you in finding the answer you seek and finding the sort of person that will make your dreams come true =)


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  • Pretty hands, a good nose and nice hair. And perfectly well kept feet too.

  • Dimples, but they can't be acquired.

    Nice straight white teeth.

    Lip gloss.

  • Long smooth shiny black hair with a pair of blue eyes. Have Mercy!


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