Why is the waist included in measurements when buying jeans/shorts?

None of my jeans nor shorts go up to my waistline which is slightly above my belly button, unless I were to get high waisted bottoms.


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What Guys Said 1

  • This is not the same as your actual waist. For example your actual waist is 2 inches above your belly button and it measures at 26 inches.. For wearing jeans , if you are wearing high waist jeans , it may need the measure around your belly button. This measurement could be like 28 inches. And for low waist jeans , you may need to measure 2 inches below your bellow button just above your thighs. This measure could be around 30 inch. So , when they measure the waist , they measure it it at a particular length just on your belly button or 2 inches above or below it as per the clothes design.


What Girls Said 1

  • Waist is the band of the jeans/the top part where the button rests. Just above the hip.


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