What types/colors of skirts should I own in my wardrobe?

I want to start wearing skirts more because I really like how I look in them, especially with otk/knee socks, or even bare. However, I want to get some "staple" skirts that can go with almost anything.

I already own...
a navy denim knee length pencil skirt (with front buttons)
a sky blue corduroy mini skirt ("mini"-stops mid thigh)
a red pleated tennis skirt (the American Apparel looking kind)
a black maxi skirt with a slit

I particularly want more mini skirts as they look best on me, and they are easier for me to style; I can just throw on a sweatshirt and sneakers and go out still looking good. But I don't know what materials/colors to look for; I'm a semi-minimalist who doesn't want to own tons and tons of clothes.

As for tops, I mainly own turtlenecks, unisex t-shirts, and baggy sweatshirts.



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  • definitely a black right mini skirt


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  • To the ones u have... add a pink one and a purple one!


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  • A black skater skirt is an essential in my opinion 😊


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