If they want you after you've had plastic surgery?

Would you accept it or no? He's a great guy but wasn't attracted to me before my nose job and other little enhancements.


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  • Uh, obviously if you had plastic surgery you weren't too happy with your previous look either.

    So when you meet guys from now on will you show them your old pics and reject the ones who don't find the old you attractive?

    • Lol that's along the lines of what I was thinking. I can't be mad at or blame someone for not being attracted to me for physical preferences but just wondering if I can trust them to be genuinely into me. I know he likes me as a person but is it superficial bc the looks were the only thing holding him back?

    • Isn't that why you had it, so looks wouldn't hold people back?

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  • I wouldn't accept. Obviously there needs to be some level of attraction in a relationship but for a guy to reject me because my nose isn't perfect (even though he can't pinpoint what it is) and then want me after my face is enhanced shows how superficial his feelings for me are.

    • That's where I'm confused. I can't be mad at someone for not being attracted to me physically because we can't help what we're into or not. It's just now I won't know if he was genuinely into me at all. I know he likes my personality and everything from all the time we've spent together but does it still seem him as shallow if he wants me now?

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    • Oh I'm not giving him a second chance, I just always like to look at things from another's perspective. I know I deserve better, someone who falls in love with the person I am and what I stand for. And honestly I don't even look all that different from before so it wasn't to change myself, just to even out my features a bit.

    • You definitely deserve better. Plus it's always satisfying to get rejected by a guy, go through a physical transformation, and watch his jaw drop as you reject him this time muhahaha. On a side note, can I see befores and afters of you? I'm so curious lol

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  • Why did you get it if not for that purpose? It is ultimately your call, but if you got plastic surgery to improve your appearance, why nit reap the benefits?

    • Yo I HIGHLY doubt the purpose of her plastic surgery was to get this one guy. You don't go under the knife for your crush. A nosejob isn't shopping for a new pair of shoes.

    • I don't mean the one guy. I mean guys in general.

  • Chances are he will soon fly to a another flower with better boobs, ass or whatever...

    • Great answer. I agree. The guy you describe in your question sounds fickle and faithless.

  • Nope


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