French pedicure?

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  • When it's on short nails, absolutely 💗

    • Yes perfect pic. Who wears long toes nails? I'm a runner so I have to keep them short.

      It's natural. B

    • You know you can actually get acrylic toenails? To make them longer and even? 🤢

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  • I'd say yes!!


What Girls Said 5

  • go for it if you want

  • Yes; that is my preference. However, I do not like it on my toes - it creeps me out for some reason. lol!

    • lol! I read your title as manicure not pedicure. So no - not on toes. :)

    • My problem is that it has to be done exactly right or it bothers me. Thin white line, round, with pink overlay not clear. Clear overlay is the American version and looks like you didn't get them done at all.

      It's the closest thing for me to natural. I don't want colored toes. I can keep a pedi for two weeks and neutral colors go best for business. I guess I could leave of the thin French tip but then it looks like you didn't both to do them at all. Maybe opaque bage.

  • Make sure it's Shellac or gel... not just paint and clear coat 😖

    • That's funny. I've never had to shellac my toes even training for marathons. If I do it myself the shit comes off. But when I go to the salon it takes more time than I want to give but they use quality products, layer and finish clear layer then make me sit with my feet under lamps and fans for a while.

      I only have to go back due to nail growth most times.

      I did have some color come off my big toe when I was running 12 miles a day but the polish underneath was
      Still going strong.

    • I just like the way it looks opposed to just paint. My toes last long no matter what I just like the gel or shellac for the overall appearance. Just my pref.

  • Only on shorts nails if not it look vulgar. I love it though.

    • Exactly. The line need to be very thin. I hate the job I just got and over paid for. Nice salon and new but I knew I was in trouble when they didn't know what nail polish to use on top of the French pedicure and seemed unfamiliar with it. Usually shops know the style and ty to do American French. I correct that but she wasn't even sure on American French Peidcure.

      I had yoga the next day, runners feet and coworkers coming with to yoga. Main problem was overall callus, trim and paint. I saw she wasn't doing what I wanted but it took an hour and I was just like yeah okay.

      The whole thing was almost double what I normally pay. N

    • It suck. Maybe you should have tell her how to do it? I do this when people do things not like I want to.
      Next time just go to another place. :)

  • i like it


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