Male Wigs?

Girls I want to know your opinion about guys who wear a wigs. If he looked really good with the wig on and you couldn't tell it was a wig would it bother you? Would he be less attractive if he told you that he wears a wig because he is almost bald?

I'm 18 Years Old and I'm slowly losing my hair. Because I think guys with no hair are very unattractive, I'm going to purchase a decent looking wig. But I'm not sure if I should tell people that I'm wearing a wig or not.


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  • Celebrate who YOU ARE. You are not about what your hair looks like. What matters is what is inside. Besides.. GREAT hairpieces are extremely expensive - There are few really good onew here nobody knows you are wearing one. Bald is beautiful! Many guys losing their hair shave their heads as you know. VERY SEXY! Be proud of who you are - don't stress about what's going on on top of your head. Focus more about what's in your heart and between your ears. A woman will love you for YOU and not how much is growing out your scalp. I prefer NATURAL. But that's me... Beauty fades. Dumb is forever. Be a kind, honest, respectful, and trustworthy guy.. Put on your best smile - be easy to talk to - and the women will LOVE YOU.

  • I wouldn't care as long as you told me further into the relationsship and we had something going for us. But it would have to look good, and real.


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