I was tempted to buy a bikini as a male?

So i was at the beach and walked by tons of places to buy a bikini and i was so tempted to buy one but was with a friend so i couldn't. I wanted to know what it feels like to wear one. I always wanted to see what it would be like being a women for a month!
I have been thinking a lot about getting a bikini and trying to go out in the backyard or a very deserted beach and get a suntan with the bikini on to get a bikini tan. I think it would look super hot!


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  • You could still buy one and say it's for your girlfriend

    • Your right i could, have been looking at some on amazon actually, so tempted to buy one! I had one long time ago that i bought but gave it to my girlfriend at the time so she didn't get suspicious of it.

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    • Hey what ever makes you happy, we all have some kind of fetish

    • that is very true

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