Science of what you wear.. opinions?

Okay, so I was watching the Tyra Show today and it was all about the science of what you wear. Here's some of the topics that were mentioned:

red is the most attractive color for a female to wear at a club.

blue is the most attractive for a male to wear at a club.

red lipstick is a no-no. men prefer to see your natural color, so clear gloss is fine.

a black form-fitting dress is the best thing to wear to a job interview.

a one-piece is the most attractive type of suit to wear to the beach.

a form-fitting dress is the best thing to wear on a first date. just don't wear black.

big bags are a no-no when attracting men because they show you have baggage.

candle light makes everyone appear more attractive.

jeans and a peach colored shirt are the best thing for women to wear to the grocery to pick up guys.

you should always smile.

a backless dress is the best thing to wear to a wedding because you can be conservative and sexy at the same time.

you should wear a bright top and yoga pants to the gym to attract guys. sweat is also more attractive.

to a high school reunion, you should wear a plaid dress.

girls don't prefer really big muscular guys. they actually prefer a guy with a normal-sized torso.

girls are really attracted to taller guys. to appear taller you should wear the same color from top to bottom.

guys prefer medium to long hair on girls. short hair is seen as youthful or in-control.

I found some of these pretty Interesting and surprising. They all sort of make sense, but I guess I wouldn't have expected some of them.

So, do you agree or disagree?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think a lot of them are mostly "common sense" rather than science. They are really just tips on how to dress smartly


    And that is "sweat is more attractive", which is SO TRUE. I think it's pretty easy to notice that guy sweat and girl sweat have somewhat different odors to them. And whenever I'm at the gym and I smell fresh girl sweat I get this animalistic feeling and have to stop myself from following the sweaty girl around (heh)

    Only fresh sweat though, if sweat has been sitting around and gets that sort of ammonia nasty smell then it's not really attractive, but yeah Tyra is right about that one


What Girls Said 1

  • I saw that show too, the last half that is. I think some of it has truth to it...others not so much.

    Definitely agree with the candle light, it makes everything so much softer

    Also the yoga pants and bright top...very true. Not only at gyms, true everywhere