Can everyone stop asking for opinions on their selfies?

Stop it. Perception is reality. If you think you're good looking you will look at yourself positively and if you think you're ugly then you're just wasting your time... Even if 10 people say you are good looking will that really change your opinion on yourself?


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  • Listen. This is what I have to say.

    I just compared this to a baker asking for opinions about a sample serving of a cake he's about to allow for mass production. Some people would love the taste. Some would not. Some would appreciate the free food.

    That's somehow related to taking selfies. Some people would love your style. Some would not. Some would appreciate the pleasant sight.

    There are many elements involved when taking selfies, like the subject, lighting, and the environment. I think you meant this question primarily for the subjects (people). If someone's going to ask for opinions, then that person also allows opinions to be about lighting and the environment.

    • It was more about the appearance of the person and not about the technique and photography -sorry I didn't know how to word it better in the question at the time.

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  • They should keep posting because they want the truth. People can easily be over critical or narcissistic which will paint an unrealistic picture of themselves. They want honesty and or are fishing for compliments.

    • They know the truth. They want people to tell them that they're better looking than they think.

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  • This is a question & answer site. One of the categories is "How do I look?" so clearly the site is intended for that type of question.

  • Sometimes some compliments or validation feels good. People are allowed to do what they want.

    • I never said they're not allowed to do it. People are allowed to hit their head against the wall.. all I'm saying is I don't think it will have a positive effect.

  • AMEN


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