Why girls with big feet sizes are shy to talk about their feet?

I'm a man interested into women feet, I see that girls with big cute feet are sexier than smaller sizes. Also wearing ankle bracelets and black or red pedicure will be epic.


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What Girls Said 1

  • cause they are insecure about it

    • lol Yeah, but why they feel insecure? You mean like... they dislike men who have fetish?

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    • Yes, I understand what u mean by insecurities. :D I took it as a pure question, never thought that these insecurities pop in her mind.

    • Yeah, they kinda rule someone's head when they have them

What Guys Said 1

  • Same reason a guy insecure about his penis size would avoid talking about how size matters to most women. Who highlights their insecurities for the amusement of others?

    • Ahhhhh I understand. lol But dude, there is a huge difference between sensitive parts and a feet... It is just a feet, not asking about her bra size for instance. :D

    • Respectfully, feet may be a sensitive issue to some girl who might have been picked on her whole life.

    • Yes I agree with you, I'm one of these men who know the woman's hygiene and beauty from her feet, and I think lots of men think like that.

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