How do you feel about these boys' fashion and style?

They are members of BTS, a South Korean boy band, which has been garnering international fans and buzz since their debut in 2013. Their musical messages range from young romance angst to enjoying life in the moment to criticism of societal norms set for millennials. They've even broken record by being the first Asian act to rightly earn a Billboard Music Award for top social artist. How do you feel about these boys' fashion and style?Although their initial concept was more the hip hop, bad boy image, they've deviated from that several times into more aesthetic or sultry styles. It seems, to me, that their fanbase, ARMYs, is more attracted to their cute image, with the whole doe eyes, member pairings, and colorful, fluffy hairstyles kind of thing.
How do you feel about these boys' fashion and style?Needless to say, I believe they are talented musically but would throw up 🀒 just thinking about kissing them. I can not find any one of these boys even the faintest bit physically attractive. I can understand the mentality of a teen girl who might say, awww, they're so friggin squishy, holding each other's hands, like husband and wife. Same makeup and everything. Surely, they can't all have the same freaking eyebrows naturally.
How do you feel about these boys' fashion and style?Makeup is to enhance an individual's own features, which is why there's millions of cosmetic brands. It's not used to create an exact replica of the person right next to you. And what's with the whole opening your mouth πŸ‘„ like that while taking pics?
How do you feel about these boys' fashion and style?To me, they were all unsatisfied with their appearances before becoming famous. Heck, the skinniest member of the group even stated that he needed to diet even though he is already underweight.
How do you feel about these boys' fashion and style?How do you feel about these boys' fashion and style?I'm using BTS as an example because they are currently the most talked about K-pop group internationally. However, this applies to ALL the K-pop groups that feel the need to act cute in photos to please their fandoms. At least, most people can tell One Direction apart due to their eyebrows (thick or thin), and hair, unlike these groups. I only like BTS for their music, that's it.


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  • I think everyone has their own preferences and while this isn't yours, there definitely are people who will!

    • Well, how do you PERSONALLY feel about it? This question was targeted at the person who read it. I'm asking for your personal thoughts.

    • I'm gender queer so I can identify with them. There are times where I wear make up and act cute depending on how I'm feeling or what I want to communicate in a given moment. I think they are also doing it from a business perspective. It's probably part of the reason why they are so popular.

    • Yes, they are mostly acting feminine, like each others' husbands and wives, just for the fangirls who ardent about the whole boy-boy couples. But most of these groups have almost no input in their songs, concepts, nor makeup. It's mostly up to their manager what their public image shall be.

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  • They're really talented dancers
    ... But the amount of makeup they wear puts drag queens to shame, and that's with all Kpop groups.
    I do think you have the misconception that they choose their style. You have to remember that everything they do is decided by the company that trained them for years and then created them. They don't get a say in what they wear, what they sing, and even what they look like. A lot of the singers are forced to lose weight even if they're already slim and even sometimes have to get plastic surgery.

    • Yes, I agree with you. But no, I've never thought that they chose their own style. I meant that their manager had control over their debut concept, which is hip hop, but that the styles have changed over time, in accordance with their songs. For Blood, Sweat, and Tears, it was very sultry but then changed to more girly with Spring Day

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  • I mean everyone I've seen react to it's says that they can dress really well and I have to agree tbh


    • I guess you can say so, and I like MCR.

  • Looks gay to me.

  • gay kpop japanese


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  • Hey didn't you like choose the pics ob which they wore most makeup possible? Cause seriously... they don't always have that much "cute boy" makeup.
    Plus kpop is about appearances so yea if you're not into this trend then sure you think it's too much.
    And finally, actors were make up too. It's just no the same kind of makeup cause it's just not the same fashion

    • Well, I notice that your username is BTSgirls. And I purposely chose the photos that had the most liked on Instagram. These were some of their selfies and group pics, which the fandom raved about, saying how they were so "squishy and fluffy and I'm-" Ugh, I hate it when people write that, "I'm not crying, you are" crap on Instagram captions.

      Anyway, sorry for the tangent, but most of these K-pop groups have almost zero control over their actual styles, songs, and outfits. It's usually all orchestrated by their managers. BTS, though, does have more freedom to express themselves since they are from a more lenient, obscure company than, say, SM or JYP.

    • Yup that's what I was saying too. It's just the kpop trend. They wouldn't be liked that much if they didn't fit in.
      Tbh I fell in love with their music and personalities more than anything. Worshipping because of looks is just not good tho. so I do agree that the fan do too much. But we'll I still felt like defending them haha
      And well lastly, you may not like cute boys but it's not a reason to say that you'd "throw up" if you were to kiss them. No matter how they look like, it's just disrespectful. You don't like how they look? Great nobody cares πŸ˜„ just like nobody cares what I think too lol

    • I CAN understand why you would like them for their personalities. They're always making those BANGTAN BOMBS for their fans and DO seem more like an actual family, unlike other groups who only seem to act close with each other for financial gain and to maintain their public image.

  • This kind of offensive, because they don't ASK for the makeup. Their company makes sure they look perfect all the time. And believe me, there are a million people out there who can tell them apart, including me. They have completely different personalities and looks that make them look unique. And seeing as how you mentioned Jimin's extreme dieting, it was because he felt insecure about himself, because he used to be the chubbiest out of all of them. This might sound unbelievable, but he was cutely chubby. Their company kept on insisting that he shouldn't diet, bt he did anyway. This is the case for a lot of people around the world, not only Korean celebrities! And they don't ACT cute, these are their personalities, in and out. This is their concept. They want their fans to see them as THEM, a group of relatable 7 guys, not as celebrities that think their above everyone else. And the makeup issue. Its not only Koreans who do this. Millions of other western celebrities use makeup to make them look better. And they do have similar eyebrows, whats wrong with that?

    • "because they don't ASK for the makeup. Their company makes sure they look perfect all the time." That's the point. They do what people tell them to do. They don't express their own styles the way they want to, as an individual.

      Also, you should check out this song--completely different from typical kpop. Romantic ballads, but I think you'll like them. The first singer is half-Korean and is a former member of a disbanded kpop group.

  • BTS is LIFE! My fellow Army needs to get up in this thread. Their style, their looks, their personalities, their music 10/10 love it all. They actually don't look the same if you're a fan who actually pays attention to their faces, and make-up in the west and make-up in the east are two different beasts. Ex. people in the west prefer busy super black super arched brows with heavily contoured mature/sexy make-up while in the east they go for a natural looking/soft/cute style of make-up with primarily straight brows.

    • Culture effects what people like, and there are also stars in the western side of the world that are just as heavily controlled by their companies.

    • Yes, I'm well-aware of the individual members and how South Korea's beauty standards are in stark contrast with those in the West. However, in the U. S., most men are expected to be in compliance with those norms as much as the females are. For example, if you look at 1D (U. K. band, I know), you'll notice some of them have super light eyebrows with no arch, just very thick.

      But in South Korea, men AND women alike are supposed to live up to these almost unattainable expectations. And most of them have no input in their outfits, concepts, songs, or makeup although BTS does have more freedom, considering the fact that they're from an "obscure" company, unlike SM, JYP, and YG.

    • I meant, AREN'T expected. Sorry for that mistake, which could have altered my entire message.

  • bts! lol I'm a secret fan πŸ™Š lol. Anyway I think there fashion is interesting especially since they wear make up and here in the west we are not used to femanim femanin men compare to South Korea.



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