Why don't (many/some?) hairdressers listen?

I've been looking for a new hairdresser after cutting my hair myself for about 5 years. I did a fine job but I just want something more 'professional' plus it takes a lot of effort to do it yourself (at least for my cut). I've been to 5 different salons in the past year and they always do the opposite of what I ask for. I'm very clear in my direction. I know exactly what will and won't work for me but they say "Oh this will look good" and it usually looks like crap. Some of them don't seem to have a clue about face shapes and give my a cut that doesn't suit mine at all. Plus I tell them specifically what NOT to do and they do it anyway (i. e you can't layer my hair above a certain point in the back of my head because it will cowlick like crazy and I can't just brush it down. It needs to be washed or dampened then blow dried and brushed down. Which isn't something I want to deal with every damn morning). I did a much better job when I cut my hair myself. What is up with this? Anyone else have this issue? FYI I am very polite to them and not 'ordering' them around. I just tell them "So this works and this doesn't" and they don't listen to me. They act like because they are the hairdresser they know my hair and how it behaves better than I do.


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  • Ahhhh! YES!!! I had the same uh-mazing! hairdresser for 15 years before she moved away. It was so traumatic because I knew I'd have to find someone else, and this woman knew my hair down to the root structure and how my hair reacted to different seasons. Ugh, I miss her...

    I knew finding someone new would be a whole thing... and it still is. I loathe short hair. I don't have a good head shape to pull it off, and so I am very specific about length being cut off. Like, I literally don't care if "they know" how much should be taken off, it's my hair, and if I say, I only want an inch, I mean that... not, she said an inch, but, I've been cutting hair and I know 1 inch needs to really be 3. It's infuriating.

    The first one I tried just did this horrible broomstick cut on me, the second just had no clue, and I left before she even touched my hair, the third chopped a good 6 inches off... she just kept cutting and I wasn't paying attention, and the fourth, I was so pissed at the last, that I told her about the last person and said, I'm going to hold a mirror up the whole time you're cutting and if you're going too far, I'm going to stop you... sorry I don't trust you... don't know you... the last lady ruined it for everyone, so now every hair dresser will suffer under my scrutiny.

    Anyway, it became too much for me, and now I just trim my own hair and otherwise let it grow which is fine. I hope someday I can find someone like my last good hair dresser, but the odds are not looking good. I just don't know anyone who is like, oh yeah, they just cut exactly what I asked for and every time and how I like it. I guess it's like love, you get one truly good hairdresser, and the rest, well...


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  • They always seem to cut more than you like off, you have to really supervise them not to cut too much off, If not you have to stop them right then and there

    • Yup. I told this one hairdresser I was growing my hair out and didn't want more than 1/2 an inch taken off the bottom. Just enough to remove the split ends. It was originally about an inch below my chin (I'm trying to get it a few inches longer) when I went in for the cut and she cut it up to my jaw line... Not a good look on me.

    • That's bad she should have not have charged you

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  • They always cut too much and try to make some excuse. It's not fun for them to trim long hair and they give these high maintenance haircuts so you have to come back soon to get another haircut because it's growing out crazy. I've been cutting my own hair for years. Trust no bitch with scissors.

  • I know your pain. Whenever I went to hairdressers, they used to cut half of my hair length due to the fact that they are damaged.
    That's why I always cut it myself now.
    It saves a lot of money as well.

  • Check online for their reviews. You might have to shell out more money for a better hair stylist.

    • I'm already paying almost $50 a cut not including tip.

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    • *beads OF sweat

      OMG fingers. Type properly!

    • Yeah I've never... never had someone charge by minutes for a Hair cut. All the people I've been to charge by length. That seems sketch af.

  • Maybe you should go to a salon that's more expensive, so they take their jobs more seriously

    • Those were actually the top rated and highest priced salons in my area lol. Most of them are salons and spas in one.

    • Oh that sucks. Maybe next time, really express your desires.

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