How can I accept my poor looks?

I'm so depressed thanks to my looks. I seriously look horrible. I can't take a decent picture of me, it's making my life living hell. Even my family rather stays silent then trying to prove me wrong. I need an advice from anyone, how to, how can I accept my looks.. if it's even possible. I think the easy way for me would be the best choice sometimes. Even surgeries wouldn't help me. What can I do?


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  • I am not really sure here.
    what is wrong with your looks?
    Like I have a big nose
    people made fun of me back in school it stressed me out for a while but I got better and made peace with myself.

    you can dress nice, do your hair, put nice shoes...
    I bet you are much prettier that you think..

    what more specific find horrible with your looks?

    • I would say everything but to be more specific, the biggest problem is I don't look nothing like my selfies when I'm trying to take some. On normal pics I'm completely different person, even my teacher laughed at me today when he took a picture of me. The biggest flaws - long face and it's really bad symmetry.

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    • I can't really find it here on gag. : I doubt that anyway.

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  • for one, looks are not the end all be all. they aren't always the deciding factor, but they do play a part in a lot in life.
    try exercising; it's good for the body in general, physically and emotionally/mentally, since it releases chemicals that can help you.
    another thing to remember is that your personality can sway people in many ways. as with my, since I'm in a similar position as you, I have found my personality online has helped me make numerous more friends than I could ever make irl

    • Looks are important. I've been judged because of mine my whole life. I don't know what to do. I think I'll try some sport but I can't even go out, people seem to stare at me and I can't take that.
      My friend said he wishes that his girlfriend would have mine personality. It no way helps.

    • not even a sport, go out jogging around the neighborhood or a park. try to find a hobby you can do solo, such as art or writing. if people won't be attracted to your looks at first, they definitely will if you have something to show. and they'll stay for ur personality. some may be pretty judgmental on looks, but you can't always help that sadly.

    • I'll try something like that. Thank you for answering.

  • How much "ugly" are we talking about here? Can you upload a picture of yours?

    • I look different in a selfie, in a pic and in real life. I can look even okay in selfie but I look horrible in pictures from others. Especially if it's flipped picture. It sounds stupid I know. Sorry.

  • i m facing same problem.. but I have v. nice understanding friends they don't differentiate with me

  • 1,2,3 accept

  • Find someone uglier... become a neet

  • Just accept it


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