Guys: If you make a girl's heart beat fast what would you think?

So I was laying down with the guy I'm crazy about and my heart started beating fast(you know how that happens when your with someone you like) anyways he had his head on my stomach and he ended up feeling it! He called me out on it and said "your hearts beating so fast", so I didn't know what else to say and said "I guess you do that to me". I felt kind of stupid. So guys what would you think if this happened to you.


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  • Hmm...

    I mean you don't feel heartbeats per say too often.

    I'm not a doctor either.

    BUT, if we were cupcaking together (cuddling) and I felt her heart rate starting to increase I might start to have some of the following thoughts:

    Is she becoming a kitty in heat?

    Is she nervous?

    Is her love for me just rising?

    Is she worried about something?

    Does she have an irregular heart beat or something?

    However, you seemed to have made a possibly big deal for you not a big deal. Unless he saw your insecurity about the situation. Which could have also cute.


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  • If that happened to me, I think it would be the most cutest thing evar. EVAR!

  • That's a great answer..


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