For market trend and research purpose only?

So I found a design in one of my old phone although for me it is below mediocre and have way better one but can't post it here so this design is only for researching the current market trend and more the feedback the better it is for me to decide ( Price at retail would be $115 USD) also should I buy the outfit in the second pic except the boots.

(FYI I am not gay and I am 100% straight and reason i am mentioning is so that there is no pre assumptive judgements)For market trend and research purpose only.?For market trend and research purpose only.?


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  • That's basically a long hoodie - I don't' see anyone actually wearing that...
    Unless maybe Jaden Smith who already has bad style...

    The outfit below is not my style - it's pretty bad in my opinion. I only like the boots...

    But fashion is a personal thing - you should buy what you have money for and what you feel good wearing.

    • Its not for a fashion show or some avant-garde collection lol. This is clearly for the average consumers.

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    • You mistook my designs as a hoodie so I had to correct you and that's all. Furthermore, I am not asking if jaden smith wants to wear my clothes or not and I doubt if its really the constructive criticism you talking about. I really don't consider gag to be a research material as its only for fun. I am only asking do people like the design? if not why? but you mistook my design as a hoodie so I fail to see any real criticism from you.

    • Now, I am not gonna get into this ego fights so I am out. Cheers!

  • In the second pic I like the boots best actually. The first is fine with a better fabric, but I don't like the fabric of the second jacket. Reminds me of a wind breaker


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  • Looks like a wizard robe. $115 for that? No. I want a wizard robe.

    • Maybe its not your style I guess and its not a wizard robe :facepalm:

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