Do men have less pressure to look good?


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  • Women are pressured more with their looks:

    * not too short not too tall
    * not too big not too thin
    * good hair is a must
    * good skin is a must
    * shaved hair all over is a must
    * breasts not too big not too small
    * vagina requirements: tight, etc
    * not too big not too small bum
    * big hips
    * thigh gap
    * glowing skin
    * small nose
    * good eye brows
    * big eyes
    * medium lips
    * fair skin is universally desired in Eastern countries
    * dainty hands
    * dainty feet
    * perfect feet

    Okay the list is endless... but the most important is a woman looses beauty once she hits her 30's.

    So what should women that are past 30 do? Kill themselves?

    Hairy men are fine to walk on the street
    Balding men are fine

    Men can wake up and go outside looking scruffy. If woman does this she would be taken in prison for looking like a crack head.
    Men can even take their top off. I bet if women did this they'd get criticised over their saggy breasts.

    • It's the ugly truth...
      I'm just so happy and I'm not complaining at all that I'm a male, and I'm a lucky male.

      1. I'm good looking.
      2. I will be 6'0+.
      3. I'm fit

      Hopefully this can last for the next 40 years lol

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    • Your welcome ❤😊

    • This is so good :o :)

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  • Well the thing about that is that it's a known issue that brand campaigns have put unrealistic expectations on women with what they were selling.. And men and women are getting behind it, and boycotting the brands.. But, men are becoming more pressured than ever, and it's not as known as the women's issue.. Now more guys are pressured to have six packs, looked more groomed, and have a muscular body.. So, while we may not be AS pressured as women.. We are different very pressured..


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  • No I think it's the opposite actually. Girls have makeup as an option but a guy can't really do much if he's not good looking, so they're probably the most pressured.

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    • @krash2002 a 4 fluctuates b/w 6-9

    • @ilovefood17 That is an accurate statement. With today's cosmetics for women. A girl being naturally a 4. Does have the option to go up to such heights based on what she does to improve her looks using external products.

  • Totally. Women has to look good 24/7 or at least try to be amazing looking most of the time.

    But then again, we can at least use makeup and usually aren't bashed like guys for their (example) height and so on.

    In the end attractive people don't have any pressure, they are born good looking. :/

  • I think they do have less pressure. Many things that women can get "criticized" over (like having acne for example) isn't considered a problem for men. Women are expected to wear makeup and fix the issue where a guy having acne isn't that big of a deal. That's just one example as well. There are so many other examples of this.

    • Maybe few people vocally criticize a man for having acne (I don't really believe that though: other men will tell him to do something about it) but he sure isn't getting laid and he won't be asked to greet the clients at the front desk...

    • A woman with acne is a lot less socially acceptable though. She's a lot more expected to wear makeup. That's all I'm saying.

  • Extremely less pressure. As long as a guy isn't too fat or incredibly short he's pretty much good to go.
    Women have to be fit but not too fit.
    Skinny but not too skinny.
    Wear make up but look like you're not.
    Have perfect hair even when working out, swimming, at home etc.
    Not age past 28 or so.
    Women are not allowed to have wrinkles... we don't look "distinguished" like men.
    Have nice skin, but not too white or too tan or too freckley
    Be toned but not muscular.
    Only have "fat" in your butt and breasts
    Don't be too short for people or too tall for others.
    Wear heels, don't wear heels.
    Wear sexy clothes but not too sexy. Unless you're over 28 and then why are you even in public right?
    Have nicely polished nails all the time but not too short or too long and don't even think about it being chipped.
    Make sure your jewelry is on point.
    Smile always but don't smile in a way that leads guts on because only a mean girl would do that.

    Yeah we have it MUCH harder in this area.

    • *guys

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    • @JDavid25 he didn't ask if they were expectations by men. They are definitely societies expectations.

    • @BertMacklinFBI that's what makes you cooler than other guys

  • Definitely. I always see guys saying "women have high standards" and "they feel pressure too", but I don't think pressure to look good is something you totally understand unless you're female. Why not? Because you're not the gender almost every inch of marketing is focused on. Fashion, make up, beauty, it's almost all focused on women.

    I also think looking good is 'less important' for men and obviously less hard to do. Women are expected to 'dress up' when going to formal events (or work really), meaning having to wear make up ( which can cause acne and thus creating a vicious cycle of "i don't feel pretty without make up but make up makes me feel less pretty"), wear heels (which cause pain and are bad for your stance), having to wear a dress, do your hair etcetera. Men can just suit up, wear dress shoes and make sure their beard and hair are trimmed.

    If we speak of looking good for attracting a mate, that's also significantly less hard to do. Let's look at the 'requirements' for both sexes:

    -be of a decent height
    -be of a healthy weight (sixpacks etc are going out of fashion)
    -dress okay
    -make sure your body hair is under control/neatly styled as you please

    -be of a decent hight
    -be of a healthy weight
    -but have thick thighs/big butt etc.
    -have nice hair, preferably long because having it short looks "boyish"
    -have an attractive face
    -be beautiful without make up
    -don't wear 'too much' make up
    -dress and act "feminine", whatever that means

    *these are without taking in personality, i agree on that area men have more 'requirements', but yiu cannot say it 'evens out', because personalities change/is changable, appearance much less.

    • Why do you think men don't need to have an attractive face or that sixpack abs are "going out of fashion", or that men don't have to act :masculine" (act in a confident, dominant, yet non-threatening way)? Because of your age you've probably never stood around bored in a bar observed people's mating rituals, and it shows in what you wrote...

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    • See, that's the difference between men and women... If you're not looking for a mate then why do you "have to" look your best?

      Sure you have to look decent at work, but you sure as hell don't have to dress up, unless you're a model. Women put insane expectations on themselves. You say sixpack abs aren't a requirement for most women, I say neither is having the perfect hourglass figure or having tons of makeup on your face (on the contrary).

      Dressing "masculine" isn't as easy as it may seem to a woman: vests and ironed shirts are horribly uncomfortable and "nice" shoes and t-shirts/long sleeve shirts with buttons that are tight enough for people to see if a man is fat or fit usually aren't the most comfortable option either. In summer jeans/suit pants can be like walking around in an oven, but we're usually not allowed to wear shorts to work or events.

    • @JohnDoe3000 ok but that's not the point.

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  • I thinks it depends from place to place. In some countries and cultures it's more pressure to look good for women, but in others it may be different. It exists cultures where there's as much pressure for men. Example in certain tribes where tattoos, rituals that changes appearance etc. is a must to keep their pride and not bring shame over themselves or others. Since it exists so many different cultures in the world we can't say everything is like that everywhere.

    In the western culture it's the ideal for a man to be physical fit, tall, have a defined jawline, have hair (Shaving your head is more 'acceptable' than male pattern baldness from my experience), right size a certain place, tan and not being too or hairy or too little hairy. There's many women who thinks being too short, too fat, too skinny, too bald, too hairy, too little hairy etc. is unattractive on a man. So men have pressure in the Western world too, but men don't talk so much about it.

    In the Western culture it's ideal for a woman to have a feminine height; not being too tall. The ideal is also being slim, have clear skin, healthy long hair, having small feminine features, thick lips, tan, being feminine, having a certain size in boobs, butts, curves etc. It's also a ideal about how much makeup and styling a woman uses.

    So from my experience there's pressure for both genders in the Western society. Before you other GAGers starts arguing, keep in mind that how it's where I lives and from my experience might be different than in yours. I thinks men here experience as much pressure, but they don't talk so much about it. It doesn't need to be pressure from the opposite gender or from the big society, but rather experience pressure from their "friends" and the little environment they lives in. It's pressure for men to be fit, masculine and tough looking enough for instance like how it's a pressure for women to be feminine, pretty etc.

  • overall yes. but i do think it seems like there is a growing pressure on men regarding looks that has changed over time... but still i think there is more pressure on women

    i think it ultimately comes down to men being more visual creatures and thus women generally needing to be visually appealing and women aren't as visual creatures... according to science

  • its not true every man is not handsome by birth they have to do hardwork for maintaining their physique or increasing the amount of bank account which ultimately makes him more handsome according to girls bcoz of this most beautiful girls go to wealthy men. bitter truth.

  • Nah. I think that's a myth. Body-wise, got to work back, shoulders, arms, chest, etc while paying attention to getting high enough calorie/protein consumption to actually gain a lot in those muscles (which takes a long period of time even if you're a male, unless you're special). This results in lame non-muscular weight gain alongside the desired muscle growth, which results in you having to schedule depressingly boring cardio sessions (talk about male suicide death rate being higher than female suicide death rate, no coincidence here at all ^^) to counter the fat gained from the bulking--something some girls appear to be taking for granted 'cause they aren't bulking and never will. Also, for some girls, height appears to matter. Can't really slap make-up on to make yourself taller. Facially, if you get any wrinkles, slapping make-up on that would be gay--just got to deal with it or wear a paperbag with a picture of an attractive guy on it over your head, but that would be slightly suspicious. People would probably find out in 5 months. Or 5 seconds if they're clever.

    For girls, on the other hand, the only physical exercise that probably matters for body sculpting is squats and some cardio. Some girls already have ass without working out. Not as much cardio required since most prob aren't tryna bulk every muscle above their waist, and as a result, they don't need to eat as much.

    From the looks of it, most girls who think there is significantly higher pressure on females are actually imposing that pressure on themselves. Make-up's more of a choice. Whenever I see girls with strongly visible lipstick or eyeliner, I actually find it unattractive. Stylish for a special event, maybe. But it's a simple as this: I have never read an official scientific article asserting that men are genetically programmed to be attracted to colorful chemicals/paint on faces; there's nothing sexually stimulating about it at all. Anyways, most girls look fine (sometimes even better) without make-up unless they're actually genuinely ugly (which most girls aren't); in which case, imagine what it'd be like if they were a guy: paperbag time.


    Yeah, there is less pressure.

    Men can be more attractive in other ways. His confidence, status and power are much more effective for sexual attraction than height and looks.

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