Question for those Nike tempo short wearing girls, what should I do on her?

There's this 1 brunette chick, she's 20. SERIOUSLY thick.. stretchmarks and such... and she wears those shorts, fitted. I've tried HARD to ignore her legs in those, because I'm trying to play it off, but I CANNNN'T! I always look down right at her legs in em, and my mouth just goes Oooo... o!!! I look up at her face to try to be cool about it, and she just keeps a real straight face! I'm losing badly against her... is there some way I can play it off, ignore how she looks in those so my mouth doesn't go O.. o like that? I can't! Or some way how to get through her straight face? Do you do this, and know how? Help me against her!!! It's killing my ego for real, ugh.
  • I don't wear em/I do, but don't do what she does, even on guys like you
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  • I wear em. Just look right at her straight face-even though she's cute, that works on us
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  • I wear em. Count to 10 while looking away... NEVER look in her direction while talking. that works on us
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  • I wear em. Drop your whole game, it doesn't work on us. We wear em for a reason. There's no way to ignore it, you can't.
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  • I wear em. Get even more cocky and talk a lot. That way u can ignore her legs in those, even though she's super thick. That should work on her.
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  • I wear em. Can't ignore her legs in em huh? We KNOW. Admit what u tried on her to her, and how. you need to drop ur ego.
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  • I wear them. everyone has at least something on their body they consider a flaw or they don't care and love their flaws and flaunt them or they just don't care at all. I mean why should you? it's part of you. plus if it's hot which I know it's hot right now since it's summer time and 105 out you bet tons of girls are going to wear shorts they aren't going to give a fuck if they have stretch marks they aren't wearing shorts to please anyone but to feel cooled off from the heat

    • okay. then why just go naked? cooled off to the max, there you go!

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    • Yeah... I see that with her... thanks.

    • I'm guessing you probably voted the last 1. That's what I'm gonna do... sighs.

  • I don't wear them. Sorry, I can't help ya out.

  • i don't wear


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