How can I stop looking so boring?

Last year, I would've described my style as "rather plain" too, only it worked; no makeup, a messy low side bun with loose wavy hairs, an earth toned ribbed tank top, baggy "dad jeans" and leather strappy sandals or ugly sneakers. Kind of like a cute geologist.

But I did a big chop (as in, buzz cut) to go natural (I've been natural for 7 months, woo-hoo! 💕) and it's just not working for me right now, I just look boring and plain instead of "fresh-faced and cool" when I wear that. However, I feel kind of odd dressing up on regular days (apart from an occasional red lip) and I still just like being comfortable; but how can I look /good/? I'm 5'5" with barely-there boobs, a booty, strong medium sized legs and toned arms; I usually consider my stomach my "problem area" but in reality it's fine, unless I don't get enough sleep or it's a week before my period or I eat like, one grain too much of rice; then I look pregnant (I have a fragile gut).

but I'm lost on how to get my style together; so far I'm striving to buy the perfect red lip and some cropped sweatshirts, but for everything else, I'm at a complete loss; I just have a bunch of vintage science unisex t-shirts, a pair of 1990's Levi's, some tank tops, Oversized hoodies and leggings, and two hippy dresses (one knee-length, one mini), really.


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  • follow street style blogs. amanda steele has amazing style as well as janice joostema


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