Hey, girls.

Just wondering if anyone happens to have any tips on applying mascara.

I haven't worn it in over a year and I seem to have lost my touch.

My skills used to be so fine tuned that I could take the cheapest, tackiest dollar store mascara and still get the most CURLIEST, BAMBI-like, KEWPIE DOLL eyes ever!

So, I know it must all be in the technique. . .

I read a while ago that some girls will powder their lashes before their last coat of mascara. Also, that some will apply Vaseline to the tips of their lashes. Some will even heat up their eyelash curler to help the curl last longer.

- Anymore tips like these? I'd really appreciate it. :-]


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  • My mom is an esthetician and also used to sell makeup so she knows a lot about this stuff. One thing, is curl your eyelashes BEFORE you put mascara on. Its better for your eyelashes and the skin around them. Also, as for heating up the curler, you can actually buy electric heating eyelash curlers. They're basically mini hair curlers. They only take about a minute to heat up. You can probably find it online or at a store like sephora. And when you apply your mascara, move the brush back and forth and go up the eyelashes slowly. It gives great volume. A really good mascara, my personal favorite, you can find at any regular drug store in a pink bottle with a green cap. I don't remember the brand specifically haha.

    • Maybeline is the brand.

      I've heard many good things about that specific mascara, maybe I will try it.

      And I have NEVER heard of anybody heating up their eyelash curler- very interesting.

      Maybe it locks in the curl? Hmm. . .

      Thank you for answering! ;->

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  • my trick is I have a mirror on my desk and I sit in a chair, after I curl my lashes, I might use primer and then let it dry and use a brush to brush out/ seperate my lashes, then add mascara in even coats, one by one, let each coat dry. I love rimmel mascara and the brushes they have. I sometimes use fake lashes as well but with rimmel mascara I have best results.

  • There are actually eyelash combs that you can use after applying so it does not clump!

    My tips? Curl your lashes before, when putting said mascara on sweep the brush to the opposite direction of your eye, next is when the brush comes in! Bring the eyelash comb upward on your eyelashes. Let them dry, then repeat as needed :)

    • Thanks lots!

      I've actually been thinking about getting an eyelash comb.

      Now I most definently will. :->

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