Today - Makeup ideas for grad?

I just got my hair did yesterday bc today is my graduation ceremony and I just feel like I'm kinda cute even though I'm kinda not

Anyways now that I'm basically a brunette, please give me ideas on makeup looks for grad
Also should I use my highlight palette? I feel like it might be too much for daytime though


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  • I like smear poop on my face and leave the house. Attracts a lot more attention, try it some time.

    Congrats on the grad. I already know you got your look figured out and it's top notch m8


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  • Common mistakes
    1. doing obnoxious, grandiose things with your hair, e. g. long hair but up like a beehive "formal", et al. Try to leave it as natural as daily wear only a few highlights and light perfume (that doesn't make him sneeze).
    2. the dress is supposed to highlight your body not ornament it! Push bras, et al. w/o malfunctions are the way to go
    3. the tempting shoes are the fancy ones but opt for the ones that are comfortable for a long night of fun w/o making sores or being discarded into a corner = searching all night for them NO fun
    4. smiling fun attitude is THE thing to wear & having fun with all offers that don't exclude date is a must and later unforgettable


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