Girls, Lululemon black leggings girls here that are like this mid 20's and under who've had this happen, I gotta know what?

to all u girls who stay straight faced in your lululemon black leggings on a playboy who come up to u and ignore it and don't look down so u won't notice because our jaw won't drop... have u ever had 1 of us who actually DID completely ignore it, and u were about to just give up, but decided to use 1 last try on him because he had a smug look and stuck ur hip out to the side all fancy and set ur hand propped on ur hip, and his eyes went RIGHT to the booty stuck out/hand on ur hip/legs in those, showcased in those black leggings and his whole mouth went Ooooo... u clearly saw him defeated... if so, what was the immediate thought in ur mind as u saw him look down at that spot and go Ooooo in total defeat, after he'd initially ignored it and had a smug look?
  • I'm not 1 of these girls/I am, but players HAVE ignored it on me/I've had a guy like that, but he didn't have a reaction like that at all
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  • I'm 1 of these girls, I have! I thought "DAMN right... u shouldn't have been able to ignore it earlier, how's ur ego now creep?"
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  • I'm 1 of these girls, I have! I thought, "If you'd have given up earlier, I wouldn't have had to use that on u, and ur ego wouldn't be where it is now, sorry!"
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  • I'm 1 of these girls, I have! I thought, "Haha jerk! I had to use that on the last player too... same result, haha!"
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  • I'm 1 of these girls, and I have! I thought, "Ugh! Serves u right creep, what happened to ur smug look huh? Can't ignore THAT, can u?"
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  • I'm 1 of em and I have. "U probably thought you'd ignored it huh? I use that on EVERY player who ignores it at first, I haven't lost. *smirks*"
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  • I'm 1 of these girls and I have. Something else entirely, not close
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  • What the fuck are you talking about? Why can't you people write one coherent paragraph?


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