What do you think of these pants?

What do you think of these pants ?


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  • I love these pants and jogger pants in general I think it's effortless but gives off a cool casual guy vibe ha

    • Yeah I got them to hang out with friends and stuff like that

    • Do you think I should wear them out

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  • Lol they were terrible back when they first come out and they are still terrible now , why not just where shorts , as kids we liked to mess around so we end up ripping off this type of joggers and run around the field while the person chases you in just the pants or boxers pmsl

    • Why so bad

    • as a kid can you imagine the imbarresment of having them ripped off you lol , or riding your bike with them getting stuck in the chain ruined the moment you got them lol

    • my opinion they should of just kept it as an idea. for future as we have electric bikes these days

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  • I think there fine honestly, depends on where you wear them but casually is cool.

    • I was going to wear them to hang out with friends and go out in

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    • well I hope you have a good one:)

    • Yup you too

  • My boyfriend has one of this, not my favorite. 😄

  • way ugly, like super ugly

    • That's not really nice why do you think there ugly

    • They are literally the ugliest pants I've ever seen, I wouldn't date a guy wearing outdated pants from the 90s... ewww

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