Looks or personality??

there is this guy that REALLY likes me and he's really sweet but I only like his personality- I'm not attracted to him physically! does that mean that I shouldn't go out with him if I'm not attracted to him in that way? but then I think that if I give him a chance and try to like him that his looks will grow on me and I'll start to find him attractive!

what should I do?


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  • I'm not an old-fashioned person. I don't think you can really "know" how you feel about someone unless you date them for a while. I think you ought to at least give it a shot. You never know - people can have very sexy personalities too.

    After a few dates, if you really can't see yourself going to bed with him, you should be adult enough to tell him and he should be adult enough to deal with it.


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  • The way I see it: Looks are very important, they get things going. Personality however is equally important, and keeps things going.

    • That didn't answer your question. I say go out, see how you guys fit. Maybe you will like him more, maybe you'll realize he's not for you. Don't worry about being shallow, this is normal. Just try to have fun.

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