What do guys look for in a girl first physically?

Or does it matter?


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  • You are obviously going to get much different responses from guy to guy. For me looks aren't a huge importance in whether I am attracted to someone, but of course they will pull my interest at first, who doesn't this happen to? What I am normally attracted to are:

    - Long dark hair. Either dark brown or black.

    - Short.

    - Cute eyes.

    - Average to thin body size. Doesn't have to be perfectly in shape or like a model, but just enough to show the person cares about themselves.

    Chances are if a girl fits under all of these I'll be drawn to her. But just as fast I'm drawn to her, if she's got an ugly inside, I'll be turning myself around.


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  • starts with the face and ends with the face with me. I would appreciate a regular body and that she takes care of her hair .

  • Ass - they are hard to come by...

    • Let me add... not an ordinary ass... I'm talking a mouth-watering ass. A girl with one of those has about as much power as the President of the United States.

    • Ohh my, you're too funny

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