Do you find tattoos on men attractive?

If yes, what tattoo do you find hot (any saying or pic's)? And where about (chest, shoulders etc)


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  • Fuck yes. I love tattoos on men. If it's meaningful pieces and anywhere really. Favorite places would be the covered up places so I can find them lol Having tattoos on the chest is really hot to me for some reason. Back tattoos, arms, legs, neck. I don't mind the face either but if it's only one or two.

    • Lol ok, planning on getting one

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    • Want it on shoulder though

    • I could give you a few ideas but, really, it's all about what has meaning to you.

      On the shoulder, depending on how big of a piece you want - something that stretches from the shoulder to the collarbone area. Not necessarily on the collarbone though. Like an octopus or a dragon

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