Will a girl date a poor guy?

will a girl date a poor guy if so how do you let her know?


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  • Not all women will but yeah a lot will.

    Women don't like rich men, they like generous men. They don't dislike poor men, they dislike cheap men. If you take her out to a movie and complain about the price of the ticket for 30 minutes, whether you are rich or poor, you are sending her the signal that she isn't worth that money.

    A guy with money who never spends it on you but has a $10,000 watch is worse than a guy with no money who makes you something for your birthday. The first one comes off like a selfish jerk, the second comes off sweet and loving.

    Doing things like making her dinner, giving her a massage (instead of paying for one), taking her to spots like a picnic, or making her gifts, are all considered romantic. And they are also cheaper.


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  • money shouldn't matter in a relationship. If she cares too much about money than you shouldn't be with her.

  • Yes, girls will date poor guys. I used to like this guy a lot, and he was really poor. Like, really poor. As long as you can at least like, be clean and have good hygine, then it'll be fine (:


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  • #1 Don't let her know

    #2 Go for cougars

    #3 Make sure EVERY other aspect of your life is in check

    ----personality, character, physique, social life, style

    #4 Don't make it a big deal, and it won't be

    I've known guys that were dirt poor, and were bosses with women. Women who would buy them things, let them stay in their houses, let them borrow their cars, and were eating out of the palm of his hand.

    It's only because you make it a big deal.