Guys, what are your opinions on girls who wear snapback hats backwards?

These are my favorite types of hats and usually I get one whenever I go somewhere like six flags or another country/state so have quite the collection:) Sometimes I'll where baseball caps but usually I'll wear snapbacks backwards. I've never really thought about till now but what are your opinions on a girl who likes to wear hats backwards. Like if you saw her for the first time walking into a room what would be your first impression?


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  • snapback hat with open brunette hair... totally my type :3

    • and if blue eyes... uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    • ...5 years later response :))) I honestly don't know what exactly my eye color is tho cause everyone has their own opnion but in my opnion their green/gold.

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  • Love it!! I think it's so sexy


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