Ugly in pics, pretty in selfies - wtf?

Hi guys, is this even possible? Or is it just in my head? When I look at photos taken by someone else than me, they're always bad (though people say I look completely my normal self) but when I take a selfie it looks like how I see myself in the mirror (most of the selfies at least). I know the pictures are flipped but it's still a lot better than how I look for example on class pictures.

I guess I'm "meh" in the real life then. At least I hope I don't look like how I do in my pics from others O_O


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  • I've experienced the same thing too. I thinks it's easier to look good in pictures you takes by yourself because you can control the picture angle, moving your head to get the look you wants and take so many pictures you wants to. It's harder to be hundred percent ready when someone else takes a picture of you and since you can't see how the picture would be inside the camera getting the most flattering angle gets more difficult.

    • Yeah. I really hate when we take pictures thanks to that. :|

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    • It's strange how it works :|

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  • well that's a psychological fact. Whenever someone takes a selfie he/she orients him/herself in such an angle that it give the best shot. However when some else takes the pic mostly people are not that much photogenic that they look good in every angle. So, no need to worry , try having some quick responses so you can orient yourself in the best pose whenever someone clicks your pic.. Cheers!!! 🍻📷

  • you're fine lol


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  • you control the photo in selfies


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