Girls, What's your fav makeup brand?

And what's your fav product of theirs?

If you don't like or wear makeup - good for you and save the rant for someone who cares 🙃

  • Too Faced
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  • Nars
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  • MAC
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  • Benefit
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  • Smashbox
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  • Urban Decay
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  • Huda Beauty/Kardashians/Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I tend to use more expensive brands like Chantecaille, especially for eye makeup. All of the less expensive brands really irritate my eyes and skin. Chantecaille is more expensive than the brands you mentioned, but the mascara lasts forever. I've had a tube last me 6 months unlike Too Faced that only lasted a month and burnt my eyes so bad.

    I hate younique mascara's the most. I have never felt so much pain and torture than I have wearing it for a total of 5 minutes. It was so horrible I had to take it straight off.


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What Girls Said 34

  • none of the above high end brands... i only use drugstore brands

  • Urban Decay for sure. Their eye shadow palettes are amazing - super pigmented and long lasting. Too Faced is a close second for me, though, I wasn't too impressed with their foundations/concealer. For me, Urban Decay is just more consistent with its high quality.

  • All of those you listed are amazing. I couldn't decide which one to choose though! And I found the last part of your paragraph hilarious 😂😂😂 "save the rant for someone who cares" you're the best! I wear a combination of brands. My fav is MAC for Lipstick. Their liquid lipstick stays on forever. You're gonna need some serious ghee slathering and masala munching to get rid of it. As for concealer. Nars is the best. I find it goes on smoothly without creasing so fast like other brands. But if you want something cheaper with the same sort of deal that Nars gives then try Sephora concealer. Really pretty too! I don't really wear eyeshadow but for when I go out to brown weddings ( ya know how it goes) 😌 I like the too faced eye pallet specifically the (bare or nude one) not sure what it's called but somewhere around there! Received tons of compliments when I use it. Try Sephora or nudestix lipstick too the best! Ask for your mascara and eyeliner I use drug store brands 😂😂 they're a bang for your buck.

  • Really into UD at the moment but I do love Nars as well.
    I use the Naked Skin Foundation, the All Nighter spray, lip pencils, eye palettes and liquid lipsticks regularly.
    I also love Nars and use the Sheer Glow Foundation, primer, blush and matte lip pencils.

  • I just got my first mac product (foundation) and it is amazing!! the quality is so great. I don't often use high end makeup products but I think mac is my favourite, however I admire the packaging of benefit and toofaced (so pretty) I can't say much about the actual product because I haven't tried it.

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