Why the fuck do women eyebrows look so gahdamn fake?

So, I'm the type of guys who prefers a natural woman, I don't mind a little makeup every now and again but everyday, I find it a problem. In my opinion everyone starts to look the same because they all watch the same makeup tutorial by the same person, and then you have these women that look ridiculous cuz they're eyebrows look like sperm cells swimming across their foreheads! I think my real question is what is the real reason why so many women wear ridiculous amounts of makeup all of a sudden? Even little girls, what's the purpose? I NEED ANSWERS!


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  • Heard a comedian talking recently about the eyebrow thing; pointed out that they somehow always end up looking like they're just about to eat a baby! Lol


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  • I drew my brows still couple of months ago but not anymore cause i started liking them more natural
    I think it's ok to draw them if your own brows are not good shaped or they are too light and on many girls it looks really good! But if you can't draw them well then they look ewwww


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  • it's the way to attract guys


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