Girls, Do you wear leggings at school?

Hello's I'm just starting 7th grade and the school uniform says White shirt black trousers and black shoes can I get away with wearing leggings do you think?

If you wear leggings do you wear a longer shirt to cover your bum?

What do you wear under your leggings?

If you wear a thong is it embarrassing to get changed for gym classes?

What grade you are in?

Random question...

Are you still a virgin?

Do you smoke cigarettes?

What type of underwear do you wear?


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  • They probably intend for you to wear twill slacks, not leggings.

    I do not always wear a longer shirt, I almost always wear underwear. I don't know - they didn't have things when I was that age.

    I used to smoke cigarettes but I quit before you were born. Don't start - they are terribly harmful and addictive, but they don't even get you high.

    I have many types of underwear to go with certain outfits, etc. But I usually wear a dress and no panties.


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  • just dont care what they think. you're all girls you've all got the same bodies.
    if you really want ti get in trouble go for leggings i got detention for it and my shirt was longish. you can try those nicely tailored sigarette pants if you dont want trousers..

    • i do smoke tho, bad habbit, graduated last year. not a virgin unfortunately and i think leggings aren't pants girl. wear a school skirt if they have and you can do leggings under that. things aren't awkward. maybe the first time

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    • oh yess

    • old people stories but i was terrified that it could be true😂

  • I agree with Anon, they probably do mean slacks and not leggings. I'm sure you could ask your principal if you wanted to, just for clarification.
    I wear underwear under my leggings and I always make sure they're thick enough to not have anything show through.
    I wouldn't wear a thong if I had to change for gym. Other girls did, but not me. I honestly don't even like thongs anymore.
    I'm in college, not a virgin, and I smoke cigarettes socially. Don't smoke.
    I wear cheekies, hipsters, and boyshorts.

  • At my school (gonna be a senior) we can't wear crop tops but we can wear leggings with a shirt that meets the top of the pants. I wear the Victoria's Secret no show panties with them. And I smoked weed for the first time when I was 14 but I never smoked cigs. I also started drinking at 13.


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