If you don't get guys at clubs, does that mean your unattractive?

cause everywhere it says all the women get approached/called beautiful at clubs ,so girls,do you manage to dance with guys you like every time at clubs?

and if not, does that mean you are unattractive?


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What Guys Said 1

  • no not at all...it could be that you simply do not present yourself in an approachable manner or that you are not picking up on signs that guys want you. I'm sure you have nothing to be worry about, just be friendly and stuff


What Girls Said 1

  • yes. guys at clubs call everyone beautiful and "the best girl in here" and stuff like that.

    and yes it's VERY easy to get laid at clubs. guys basically beg on their knees lol literally xD

    maybe you lack confidence or attitude. because I've come to realize it's not looks and outfits that matter at clubs, but confidence.

    whether I go out in a dress & heels or in jeans & converse I always get the same reactions :)

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