(Girls) do you have some tried and tested exercises that work on getting your thighs and butt smaller?

If you add videos or pictures that´d be good, I´d also prefer something I can do at home... I found out I can wear dresses and t-shirts from 10 years ago, but can´t fit myself in jeans and shorts from 1-2 years ago due to my thigh and butt fat... I need something effective... Guys, you´re of course welcome to share your views as well, but I consider fat-burning in these areas more of a girl-y problem... :)


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  • whats wrong with you why would you want a smaller ass. I thought most girls wanted it to be bigger I never heard smaller. big ass and thighs is hot leave it as is

    • You say that bcc you haven't seen it. No seriously, if it was firm I guess I would bother that much. However in this heat my inner thighs get hurt from the friction and sweating, it doesn't look good in my clothes and I want to afford wearing shorter dresses... I've always had bigger ass than most my peers, it doesn't have to be even more ;)

    • I would need photo evidence to confirm 😏

    • Maybe if you did squats, treedmel and diet you would burn up fat and tune up. it would look much better then

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  • Running.
    Fire hydrants.
    Donkey kicks.
    Low fat diet.

    100% guaranteed.

    • Hate running but will try the rest; trying low-fat as my standard diet... how many series a day do you suggest?

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    • I dont mind the movement, but I feel my lungs like they´d be on fire (and I dont smoke and never did!) so I developed dislike towards it... Even after a short distance I feel like in an asthmatic fit :D

    • Yeah... you gotta work up to it. Start with a light 5 minute jog and work your way up.

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  • No, fat burning in these areas is the same.. aerobics, aerobics, aerobics! Plus some anaerobic workout when you get more in shape.

  • run. it reduces muscles.


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