You have option to have an epidural when you get a Brazilian wax am I right?

Asking for a friend
It's a bit of a joke okay.
I'm just nervous about my first time 😳
Okay people how do we get having a full Bush to be seen as the norm.
God it was like ripping off the bandaid from hell.
Forget water boarding and sleep deprivation as torture, just threaten to wax a persons genitals.


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  • No its not and option.

    • I knew it was for you HAHAHA!!
      The first time hurts, but it gets better in time.

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    • My hubby sure does 🙌

    • I'm sure he does. lol
      Enjoy :)

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  • that would be a no for so many reasons. as for getting waxed. why don't you go for laser treatment to remove the hair. yeah it will code more up front but in the long term it will be less because it lasts so much longer and is much less painful. frankly I don't understand why any lady would ever go for a wax job. the fact is although I've seen many guys say hair there is a no go for them yt? if all you ladies let you grow all your pubic hair in all those guys would cha he their opinions. there are so many reasons why having all your hair grow in down there benefits your health with less occurs cars of IF I'd just for starters. real men arnt afraid to play in the bush

    • Okay so the starting was a bit of a joke about my tolerance for pain.
      Laser was not successful because my hair is too light.
      Waxing was plan b

    • Oh. I totally got ya on that part. I just think its a shame you ladies put yourself through that much pain. natural is always preferred by me and many guys I know

  • Only if you're delivering twins at the same time, LOL!

  • No, you don't. An epidural requires a doctor. A Brazilian wax requires somebody with wax.

  • I've tried it... excruciating!!

    • A manzillion they call it.

    • Well, I was calling it something else at the time... then I tried doing it myself... just as painful and because I was administering the self-torture, it too longer...

  • lol just rip them wax strips offf


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  • Why would they give you an epidural to get a Brazilian wax...


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