How do fan girls find the exact clothes celebrities wear?

There are social media accounts that are dedicated to certain celebrities clothing. These fans find their clothes and prices.


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  • If you mean the EXACT clothes they wore as in used probably stalking or extreme fan girl-ing etc or the same design of clothing im guessing their Instagram or other social media or word of mouth or sponsorship's etc


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  • they know because it's the top designer stuff. i can look at a celebrity and can guess the designer pretty often. like kendall jenner always wears shadow hill hoodies and you see people in things like valentino or dolce and you just kinda know. these people are super into fashion and they know what's out

    • How did you learn to identify the brand/outfit etc?

    • i'm really into fashion, i shop at barneys a lot which is where celebrities shop, i have friends in the fashion industry, i live in a place where people commonly wear designer

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