How does one apply eyeliner?

I know eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger and nicer and that's what I want. I'm going on a date tonight with an awesome guy and I want to look different from my everyday.

I've seen tutorials but I'm scared to sh** that I might end up poking out my eye, also I've used eye liner in pencil form and I don't see the results. Just really crappy smudge and it's faded looking. Maybe I'm applying it wrong I don't know.

It's my first time doing make up as I'm a natural tomboy so don't judge.

Please help!


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  • i think a youtube tutorial might be more helpful to you than a simple explanation

    • I've saw a couple but it still doesn't make much sense to me.

      Is liquid eyeliner the better option? Pencil is just looking really faded

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    • Ok got it, I'll rush to the shop and see what they have

    • dont spend too much money on it, you can find it for a few pennies. tell me how your date went

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