Wanting a pixie cut.. but my hair may not be suitable for it. Opinions?

Wanting a pixie cut.. but my hair may not be suitable for it. Opinions?Wanting a pixie cut.. but my hair may not be suitable for it. Opinions?Wanting a pixie cut.. but my hair may not be suitable for it. Opinions?

My hair currently. Its thick, got quite a few waves and i get the strangest bedhead in the morning.
I have an appointment with my hair dresser on Friday, but i went down there to talk with her earlier today, and she said she didn't think the cut would work well with my hair, because of the waves and thickness. She told me to do some more research and thinking by Friday, so here i am, seeking opinions and ideas..

I dont want to style it everyday by straightening it, or curling it, although i dont mind straightening a wild bedhead, as long as it isn't the whole head. I dont mind using products either, as long as the time it takes is no longer than 10 - 15 minutes max. Even though i want short hair, i still want it to be feminine.. And the most important is that i have an exposed neck. Definitely want that. Here are a few pictures of what i had in mind.
Wanting a pixie cut.. but my hair may not be suitable for it. Opinions?So a "long" pixie.. I realise those curls are styled, and not natural.. Maybe i would just have less curls, my natural hair? Would that be pretty?Wanting a pixie cut.. but my hair may not be suitable for it. Opinions?Her hair seems thin and fine, unlike mine.. what do you think? Would it look okay with my hair?

If you dont think i could work one of these, maybe you have an idea/pictures of a short haircut that would work? =)

Oh and yes, i do want to dye my hair pink! A light pastel pink, like the last photo. Although, that is a coincidence. They just happened to have pink hair too. :P



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  • you are a really beautiful woman with gorgeous eyes
    the pixie cut would just take away from it.
    maybe shoulder length hair with a side split with those waves that you have would look amazing

    • Thats basically what i got now. :P And thank you. :)

    • haha
      we wouldn't min swing the new look though
      not because of any perverse reasons , but just out of curiosity

    • I'm also curious. I really think i have to try at least once in my life. :)

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  • It looks like your hair might be too thin for a pixie cut... but maybe it'll look good - your best bet is to ask your hairstylist.

    by the way - the pixie cut girl has thick hair - really thick hair. It just doesn't seem so because it's been thinned out to make it look more 'together'.

    • I did ask my stylist. She said she didn't think it would work, because my hair is TOO thick, and because of my waves. She said to research some more... here i am.

    • Oh... well... Maybe ask for another stylist's opinion?
      Not all of them have the same opinions... or tastes...

      All I can tell you for SURE is that pixie cuts look best on either heart or round faces (any with a pointed chin and a soft jawline) - and you have a square one - which -in my opinion- doesn't mesh well with a pixie cut.

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  • pixie cuts are so damn ugly it makes me sad.

  • i think that will look absolutely great

  • dont do it!

    • No, i am getting it shorter, definitely. But maybe it will have to be a short bob instead. Long enough to go behind my ears, around chin length. Thats my plan B. :P

  • Those examples look horrendous


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  • Your hair doesn't seem thick. I'd leave it the way it is, maybe grow your bangs out. If you really want to cut it though, cut it in a more classy style.
    The second picture is nicer.
    Also, I don't think that you should dye it pastel pink.
    Don't do a pixie cut! Maybe try something like this:

    • It is quite thick. Have seen people with hair thicker than mine, mostly indian/middle east women. But much thicker than anyone else i know. :)

      I have a huge desire to get it short! I always listen to my gut, and what i want here and now, and then worry about things later if i dont like it. I would regret it if i never got to try a pixie. :'(

      And i am getting it pastel pink. Thats just what i want, not what i seeked an opinion on. :P

      Thanks though!

      I worry about it not being feminine enough if i do a styling like the first picture of scarlet, though. So more like the second one. :P

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    • I didn't ask if i should cut it short or not, but if these styles i showed would suit me. And if not, what styles would, but still short?

      And well, i dont HAVE TO. I just want to. Long hair bothers me. gets caught in all sorts of stuff, including my mouth.

    • Well okay, do you want, but personally, your face structure would look nicer with hair your length or longer.

  • Wow you're very pretty, remind me of Lucy Rose. And yeah I think unfortunately your hair dresser might be right, but on the bright side it does look beautiful this way too! Perhaps if you wanna avoid styling it all the time find on of those mousses that give a textured look to your natural hair? Would save time and energy.

    • Thank you, but long hair is beginning to annoy me to no end. Its summer, it gets in my mouth all the time, gets stuck in stuff. urgh. can't do it anymore. :(

    • Oh girl I feel your pain. I think you could PROBABLY im not sure go for the last pic, since its kind of a bowl-cut type thing, it might work for ya.

  • As a licensed cosmetologist, don't do it. You need something with volume on the sides. It will balance your face. I'd say cut a few inches off and put some layers into it. When you style it, aim for volume.

    • I definitely want it short, no matter what anyone says. Max is chin length. Thats my plan B by Friday if i dont come up with anything else.

      So if that is how it is, any styles you would suggest, chin length and shorter?

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    • By doing all sorts of tests, that came to the conclusion that i have an oval (what do you think?) faceshape, they said that i should be able to wear almost any style. By face shape only, of course..

      Would it be that bad for my face to seem longer?

    • Oval yes but it's also long. Longer hairstyles would make it appear longer. You could do any sort of hairstyle but volume is a must

  • I think anyone can have any hair they like, IF they are willing to put in the effort for necessary styling. If your hair doesn't suit a particular cut, just be prepared to use a smoothing product, a flat hairbrush and a blow dryer. Set it with light hairspray.
    There's tonnes of tutorials on youtube so have a look at that.
    I have really fluffy wavy hair. It has always been really long because the weight made it more managable. I wanted a lob. I just have to blowdry and straighten everytime I was my hair and I'm fine. I use a smoothing treatment to keep weight in it and I'm always sure to avoid any product that says it's voluminous.

  • I think if you go to a good stylist, you should be able to find a pixie cut that suits you.

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