What fashion trends do you absolutely HATE and which are actually huge turn ons for you?

Inspired by this video! It got my thinking because I've heard a lot about what guys like and don't like etc. but why not hear your opinions myself? This question is really open.. So what trends do you think look good on your own sex or the opposite sex.. And what just looks absolutely terrible? Putting pictures helps even more! And explaining why you hate them also! Here's what I thought of...

I personally am a big fan of dyed hair, chockers, and tights. And occasionally.. Some piercings look good too. Call me weird or whatever but it's just what I find attractive.

What fashion trends do you absolutely HATE and which are actually huge turn ons for you?This is somewhat of a Grunge styled outfit.. And I like that sort of style.. But the one thing I won't ever come to like is those stupid circle sunglasses that so many people wear these days. I just think they look absolutely ridiculous. You can see those sunglasses in this picture.

What fashion trends do you absolutely HATE and which are actually huge turn ons for you?I would totally wear an outfit like this and I find them fashionable and attractive. I'm not so much for the army jacket but the concept of how the material is all piecing together works in my eyes. Tights and chockers are my kinda thing 😍

However! Fashion that I absolutely HATE is stuff like maxi skirts and maxi dresses.. I'm not even sure why.. I just think they look so bad.
What fashion trends do you absolutely HATE and which are actually huge turn ons for you?Another thing is baggy pants.. Why.. They look like you're wearing decorative trash bags on your legs 😂 It's not appealing at all to me.

Not to say I'm a super fashionable person. Not at all. And none of these things bothers me terribly. I really only typically wear stuff like this

What fashion trends do you absolutely HATE and which are actually huge turn ons for you?
What fashion trends do you absolutely HATE and which are actually huge turn ons for you?Yeah that's me 😅 But eh that's shit I'd throw on before I left the house lmao. Those two pics are pretty old though since I've cut my hair and it's nowhere near that long anymore.
What fashion trends do you absolutely HATE and which are actually huge turn ons for you?


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  • I can't stand ripped jeans/ripped jean shorts. When they first came out, with usually just a little rip at the knee, it was kind of cute, but now they're ripped all over and it looks as if the girl is living on the streets.

    Also the big sunglasses, but I think that's already out of style.

    • Yeah the whole ripped jeans look is really getting too extreme sometimes. I'll look at a girl's legs and think like where did your pants even go lmao

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  • I actually really like the goose down parka with fur hood craze that's going on. I might be in the minority but I like how they look on girls.


  • Don't know if its necessarily a trend but there are some things that look okay on thin women that look atrocious on heavy women. The big one is a nose piercing in the middle of the nose. On a big women, it makes them look like a bull. Second thing is crazy colored hair. Third is anything showing their midsection. For men its a man bun. Again, a thin or buff guy can pull it off but not a fat dude.

  • Everything in that video but sundresses I hate or dislike.
    Basically i dislike women wearing things that are supposed to look sexy, i would much rather women wear things that instead made them look cute.

    I hate chokers, piercings (ears don't count), dyed hair, short hair, and tattoos. All of these things scream stay away to me.
    I really like dresses as well as long as they aren't trying to look sexy. I hate it when women wear these types of dresses (yellow and black). really any dress that is super tight. Just wear tight pants instead if you really need to.

    I also dislike super high heels. It just looks like your suffering and I don't like that, especially when you can hardly walk in those things.
    Another thing I dislike about women's fashion is any kind of fringe look. By that I mean people who try to look goth, punk or straight out of the 15th century (unless its those cute October fest dresses).
    Subtlety is key.

    I love it when women wear dresses like the black one. Basically anything that doesn't look super skimpy, lazy or too try hard. I like it when girls try to look nice and hate it when they try to look sexy. The black dress is the most attractive style if find in women.

  • TURN ONs:
    Short shorts
    Skinny Jeans
    Ripped Jeans
    Tight Sweatpants

    TURN OFFs:
    Nose rings
    Foot jewelry
    Flip flops
    High Heels
    Heavy Makeup

  • I hate the comeback of the choker necklace. I find a woman's neck as one of her most beautiful features and chokers make it look like they're being cut in half. As for turn-on, probably the urban look. Something like this.

    • Gotcha gotcha. Yeah I like that look too! I can't rock it, but it's nice to look at :) As for chockers, I find them appealing because it's something that draws your eyes to the neck.. at least for me it does! So I think they're cute.

  • I love every kind of dresses.
    They all look perfect on girls. Its sommer here and the ladies are starting to wear them. Especially the lighter ones. Oh and i loove yoga pants. Yoga pants and a cute tanktop or tee always look good 😊.
    They look sexy as well, without being too "out there".
    Decently fitting jeans, (which aren't too loose or too tight) are always nice, in combo with a cute t shirt or shirt.
    Sometimes a little too tight is cool too 😉, as long as it doesn't look too uncomfortable.

    Im not really into the leather jacket style. I think its a bit too manly. I prefer to see girls with other types of jackets. But there are girls that pull it off pretty well.
    What i definitely dont like are booty shorts and those neck collar kinda things giros seem to wear a lot these days (i think ur wearing one in the last pic).
    No offence, and this may be just my opinion but those neck collar things look a bit too suggestive for my taste. And so do booty shorts. But these are just my opinions. 😊

  • I hate. hate. hate. cuffed jeans. I don't hate it so much on women, but when men do it... ugh. I like flannel and have always secretly found crop tops adorable.

    • Haha yeah I getcha. Cuffed jeans are definitely borderling a "hmm" from me in most cases.

  • I'm just gonna talk about on girls

    HATE: crocks
    Short shorts
    Short shorts with ug boots
    Bull rings
    Boob/genetil piercings
    Shirts that don't completely cover her stomach
    Shirts with huge holes in the sides
    Ripped jeans
    Head scarf

    TURN ON:
    Those dot nose rings
    Foot jewelry
    Flip flops/sandals
    Belly button piercings
    Tight jeans
    V neck shirts

    • Thanks for the details!
      Just curious though.. if her shirt didn't cover her stomach all the way.. how would you ever notice a belly button piercing?

    • When I see her in a bikini.

  • I honestly don't get fashion trend of having holes in your jeans

    • I mean eyy

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    • and I forgot to tell you, nice pictures

    • Gotchaa. Thanks ya

  • i fucking HATTTEE... ( i hate even saying the word )... uggs AAAUUUGGGGHH

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  • i like feminine and cute
    classical designs

  • Trends I like
    -muted colors, all the beige, toned down greens, mauves, I love these instagram favorite colors
    -form fitting, I like how things really accentuate the curves of a woman's body now, again, super popular on instagram
    -off the shoulder
    -straps, I love strappy clothing
    -body suits, super cute, can be dressed up or down. I love the classic black.
    -chokers, clothes that wrap around the neck
    -ruffles, I do think it can easily be taken overboard and grown women look like they're in child's clothes, but when done right-it's so flirty and cute
    -cowl necks, I just love them, they're so feminine
    -chunky heel/shoes

    Things that check off most of these boxes




    -cheap, velvet cloth, especially as a dress or pants
    s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...363a0a65be.jpg (this would be so cute in a different fabric)
    -platform sandals *shudders*

  • socks and Sandals haha I hate this trend I mean this is the only thing that People need to stop wearing in.. :p

  • I love maxi dresses :-) and just dresses in general, they feel so comfortable and look pretty to me.


    I dislike chokers, looks like the woman is a pet or being strangled. I dislike stuff that looks too tight and looks uncomfortable.

  • I like ripped jeans but not to ripped like that nahh

    • Oh haha yeah I feel ya. I see people walking around with jeans so gaping wide I'm like well damn where'd the jeans go lmao

    • Exactly crazy

  • I hate the typical studded backpack, those fucking Stan Smiths that everyone seems to own, the long green jackets with fur, big chokers, any kind of hat.. I just hate everything that has become a big trend. I hate seeing everyone wearing the same exact things. I also hate this new make trend called draping. It's ridiculous and pointless.

  • I love lots of different things especially:
    skinny jeans
    high heels
    fitness clothes
    crop tops
    tights/knee socks

    I HATE:
    high-waisted anything
    cuffed jeans

  • I can't with the whole corset over the shirt trend, I think its soooo ugly

    • Oh really? Like the sorta rip down the middle thing? Yeah I'm seeing that everywhereeee

  • there's nothing i really hate, i think anyone could pull off anything, even if I've never seen it done. I like any style of makeup, i just don't like when it's done poorly.

  • i hate flannels. period. so ugly. also hate michael kors bags and anything coach is cancelled! hate lulu lemon leggings and tory burch flats as well.

    • So you basically hate anything top shelf? That's alright. I like flanels a bit, but they're definitely overworn.

    • i don't know what you mean by top shelf!

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