Both girls were friends, now one is making the other jealous and she's acting heart broken, depressed and shocked!

She looks at me completely shocked and mumbles. I do like them both. But she wouldn't let me talk to her she was rude on the phone and yelled at me how can I help you when I tried to talk to her for the first time. All I did was start to notice her advances want to date her. It took me about 6 weeks to really say yes but so what? She used to always tell her friend something and she also noticed me also. She would cut me off so I asked her what her friends name was and called her that’s when it all started. Her acting like she’s hart broken kind of turns me on since she’s attractive... What I do now is when there together I just ignore them both. Yesterday her friend dressed up really hot like and tried to get my attention in front of the heart broken one and it broke my heart so I walked by and didn't look at her now she’s glaring at in front of this third girl I used to like. Do I say something? Do I tell her ask her to stop being that way to her?


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  • Just don't go into that drama.