I have no idea how to dress to make my body look good?

I have a tendency to wear a lot of baggy sweaters and clothes that conceal most of my body, and I've been told that while I'm attractive facially, I need to start wearing different clothes if I want to get dates (which confuses me because since when have clothes mattered to guys?).
Anyway, I'm 5'8" 120lbs and have a slender body type with long legs. I have decently-sized boobs, and nicely-curved waist/hip area, although my butt is small/kind of flat. I naturally have a very small frame though (with tiny wrists and hands), which means my limbs are naturally quite thin, and I'm worried this will be a turnoff since most men prefer average-framed girls. How do I show off my boobs and small waist while not drawing attention to my butt and arms? What clothing items would be a good choice?


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  • Most guys are not turned off by a small butt or thin arms. Try to wear a form fitting top instead of baggy sweaters with a loose flowy skirt or loose flowy pants. It will emphasize your boobs, waist and hips while not dressing attention to your butt


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  • Cosmo, seventeen, etc... all have those "What to wear for your shape' guides. Find some and see what works for you


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  • Well girl seems like you can wear whatever you want ! Maybe look on magazine some outfit you would like to see on you and tried to copy it ! Find inspiration ~
    Sorry if I didn't help that much !👉👈

  • I love wrap or A line dresses for this :)


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