Signs to show to a women that you like her?

like girls bite there lips and play with there hair and use eye contact to show that there interested what signs do guys give off I really want to try it with this one girl at work


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  • • The Private Distance: When you're interested in someone you tend to keep a smaller private distance between you and him/her compared to the distance you would otherwise keep while being with others. You will notice that whoever might be interested in you is standing closer to you than to other people. For detailed information on private distance see this article.

    • Orientation/Zero angle: Orienting himself/herself in your direction even if they were standing with other people. Orienting themselves means that they stand with their shoulders parallel to yours and with their toes pointing towards you. For more information see The body language section

    • Positive Evaluation Gesture: In body language rubbing your brows with your fingers means that you positively evaluated something. Now what if someone positively evaluates seeing you? If you want to see a picture for the positive evaluation gesture please check this link Positive evaluation gesture

    • I don't want anything in particular: Calling you for any trivial reason like asking about something that he/she already knows or by just seeking confirmation to some kind of information. If they were smart enough, they may find a good reason to call you but when the frequency of these calls increases, this usually indicates that there is something behind it.

    • Why am I happy?: Smiling while talking to you even if there was no good reason for smiling is another strong sign. In most cases he/she will try to hide the smile so they will appear as if they want to smile but are holding themselves

    • Smiles that Don’t Fade: A smile will not fade away quickly if the person is genuinely interested in you (that does not have to be love but worst case scenario, it will be deep interest). Only fake smiles fade away quickly, true smiles stay tend to linger a little longer.

    • Nice or Cold? Being very nice one day and ignoring you the other day is one of the strongest signs. The logic behind this is very simple, at the beginning the person treats you very nicely because he likes you but when he goes home he realizes that he has done too much effort without receiving a response.

    • Mr./Mrs. Everywhere: Meeting him/her many times by coincidence is another sign. Of course these are not just coincidences but they may be either changing their schedule to suit yours Your Friends Are Really Nice: Starting to care more about your friends and becoming more nice to them is a strong sign especially if he/she wasn’t used to caring about them before.

    • Cancellations: cancelling their other plans in order to see you.

    • Where Are You? Finally the person who likes you will try to keep you within their range of sight and each now and then they will take a look to make sure that you are still there.


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  • touch her arm. invade her personal space. do nice things for her, like if you was in a bar you would buy her a drink. whatever you do you have to impress her, that's your goal. and first impression is very important, it means everything. from the moment you walk up to her she's going 2 be jugdeing you based on your appearence. Always try to be in the same places she's at. tell her you like the outfit she has on. Or look into her eyes and say you have the most beauiful eyes I ever seen and I sure your boyfriend tells you that. well good luck. Get the girl

  • Show her that you care. Ask her questions about her interests. Look at her and smile then look away and TALK to her.

    • Perfect answer.

      definietly make eye contact and eye smile.

      then just show interest in getting to know us and making an effort to talk to us.

    • Thank you thank you :D

    • Good luck

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