Advice for shorts?

So i've never worn shorts before, i know, it's surprising? I'm transgender, male to female and i just need a little advice.

I'm not sure what style of shorts to buy, I'm wanting to get some nice denim shorts (preferably levi's) but i don't know what will suit me.

I don't want anything too tight in the crotch area, and i don't want anything too short on my butt.

I've recently ordered some "Bermuda" levi shorts, they look okay on the product image however from researching i feel like they'll be like, really long?

If it'd help, I'm usually a women's UK 14/16 size (I tend to go for 16 to be on the safe side)

If anyone could help, that would be great! Thank you :) xx


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  • for wearing shorts, I guess its called binders or double binders, I guess, correct me. if I'm wrong.

    its and double layers underwear to prevent the bulge from being prominent, if thats the undergarment, then most types of shorts that dont fit your requirement of not wanting super tight or underbutt exposing shorts would be fine

    • binders are for female to male trans people who "bind" chest chest to make it flatter, reduce the size of their boobs etc.

    • true but I guess I heard it from a male to female trans pre op about this and the explanation about the undergarment having less elasticity in the crotch area to not let much room for the bulge
      but maybe I am wrong
      just make sure that there aren't the type of undergarments I am talking about, maybe by a different name, but sorry if I wasn't able to help

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  • Bermuda are way too long and masculine. How about thrifting? I have a transgender friend who still hasn't gone through the "surgery' and she buys hers from thrifts that look loose around the crotch area.

    • ah welp. they looked shor

    • ah welp. they looked short/long enough on the photo, if they're too long i could always return to them.

      i'd love to go thrifting but there's no good stores where i live, thank you though!

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  • I'm not sure about UK sizes vs US sizes so I couldn't help there but, All the shirts I wear I usually just cargo shorts or like beige shorts with nothing extra. Do you want more feminine or masculine clothing?


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  • Try a skort instead.

  • Try to get shorts that fold , they're stretchy and you can also adjust them to the length you want. I love mine from American eagle

  • Just go with a shorter denim skirt.


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