Why do girls, and a majority of people, think guys are more shallow than girls? that ugly girls have it harder?

than ugly guys do? I hear it all the time, I always hear people and society, the media, culture, etc., People say that an ugly, fat, overweight girl will have a much harder time attracting a guy, getting a boyfriend, than an ugly, fat, overweight guy will have at attracting a girl or getting a girlfriend. Is that really true? Personally I think it's debatable, I think any gender who is physically unattractive, ugly, will have an equally hard time getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a hook-up, etc.

Are guys really more visual than girls, more attracted to looks than girls are? or are girls more visual, more into looks, more shallow?
So are both genders equally visual, shallow? or not?
Women dating easier, end of story!
'm saying they have it easier


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  • because most girls are retarded idiots


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  • Because how many really ugly women do you see with really good looking guys? ...Honestly, I can't think of one.

    On the other hand..how many really ugly guys do you see with model-esque women? I see tons.

    Howard Stern - Beth Ostrosky

    Donald Trump - Melania Trump

    Mickey Rourke - Cheyenne Tozzi

    Mick Jagger - Countless gorgeous women

    You get the idea...

    I feel like, in general, society tends to look at females like their entire value is wrapped up in their appearance, but with guys...they have the ability to prove themselves in a variety of ways - being the "funny" guy, money, a great job, powerful role, and looks.

    How many guys go out with girls because they have a great job? Not many and none that I've ever heard of, but there are many girls that WILL do that. This behaviour is still shallow, but it's not looks based.

    • I still think it is debatable

  • I don't know why people are so determined to separate the trials of an individual by stereotypes. And I'm not pointing fingers at you - I read the whole question.

    I think how an individual behaves has more to do with their personality, environment, upbringing, external influences and social pressures. I honestly don't think gender has anything to do with it. I've met my share of extremely shallow women and men. And I've met men and women who are judgment free and tolerant - as well as every degree in between. What does being a woman have to do with someone who has uncaring parents and thinks that material good can be the only redeeming quality in life? What does being a man have to do with being bullied as a child and in turn can't trust anything unless he can control it?

    I think the people who have the most trouble finding a compatible partner, whether it be serious or frivolous, is one who suffers from lack of faith in themselves and the world around them. No matter your looks, if you love yourself - you will find love or attractiveness.

    Yes, the world is filled with shallow people from both genders. And both genders suffer. For one person, male or female, their pain is unique to them.

  • After my last response I remembered one of the most important points...Hooter's Restaurants

    I'm pretty sure there is no mass chain restaurant purely based on the idea that women can lust after highly attractive males.

    • I still think you girls have it easier

  • I think both men and women are pretty superficial...a woman going out with a man for his money is just as bad as a man going with a woman just for her looks.

  • I think its because guys are more visual but I have heard a few of my girl friends say how ugly a guy looks and I totally disagreed with them or they just didn't like them because they wear those ugly shirts or whatever etc. but I think everyone (guys and girls) are starting to raise the bar as far as looks goes...i think its the stupid medias fault! I think girls are being more shallow...honestly and it sad...I have one girlfriend and it seems like she only accepts guys that dress like the JONAs brothers! ew I don't care...my guy does not need to wear a scarf and have a man purse...or he doesn't need to wear super tight jeans and stuff...sometimes girls can't see that a guys unique sense of style is way cooler then looking like a jonas brother or Zack Efron! we feel sympathy fo the overweight female because girls are sensitve and innocent...sometimes. sorry went off topic there lol but yea...i think its equally hard for both sexes.

    • Do you really think that guys are more about looks than girls are?

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    • Yeah, and girls get away with it more often

    • Funny lol...girls get away with it cause shallow guys let them.

  • Women in this society are primarily judged by looks. Fact.

    Men are not solely judged by their looks. If a guy is funny, charismatic, rich, powerful, high status, or confident (doesnt have to be all of these traits, he can be proficient in just one or more) then he can get women.

    Think of it like this, if there was a woman who wanted to go out with you and she was funny, nice, caring and sincere, but she was fat and ugly would you date her? Would you look past her outer shell and be her boyfriend anyway? I think you and 95% of guys would say no, and the only guys that would go out with her are ones that are desperate and can't do better anyway.

    I've dated unattractive overweight guys based on personality, some of my friends also have and I've seen guys like this get girls as well. Ugly women have it harder than ugly men because unlike women, a man can make up for his physical features with other traits. A woman can't do that. There will always be women who require a guy to be physically attractive, but there are a lot of women who will take a guy who isn't attractive if he has other qualities she wants too. Like I said there are very few guys who will go out with a fat and ugly woman even if she does have other desirable qualities.

    I'm not saying women ARENT visual. At this point in my life I do care about attractiveness too, but I am willing to make tradeoffs. I won't go out with a guy that is ugly and disgusting to look at, but I would pick a sweet caring 6/10 guy that treats me well to be with long term over a 9/10 that is a liar and a cheat. If you are like a 4-5 or less I personally would not date you regardless of your personality, but I know some women would overlook that.

    Men are more visual. Men themselves will even tell you that they're more visual. It's why a 21 year old cocktail waitress can end up with a rich husband. But a 48 year old female senior exec. can't exactly have her pick of hot guys.

    • Why are women attracted to high social status? for what reasons?

    • So you really think men are more into looks than women are?

    • It's still easier for you women

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  • Women like to claim that they are less focused on looks than guys but that is a load of BS.

    Consider this, highest grossing film before Avatar was released was Titanic, which made $600,000,000 domestically. It made so much because girls and women saw it multiple times to drool over Leonardo Dicaprio. I remember it well because I was in high school at the time.

    Jump ahead a few years to 2004. Britney Spears is insanely popular. Her name is the 4th most common thing typed into search engines. She stared in the movie crossroads, which made $37,000,000. a mere one sixteenth of Titanics haul. Guys weren't flocking to the theater to drool over Britney. If guys were as shallow as women it would have made just as much as Titanic.

    The numbers don't lie

    • Men and women don't deal with attraction the same way and those aren't equal comparisons. Titanic was popular because of the special effects, historical value, and it was an Oscar winning movie. I'm not saying Leonardo Dicaprio did not help make money, but it wasn't the sole reason by ANY means.

      Crossroads on the other hand was a horribly cheesy, d-list movie. And..how many guys do you know that will sit through a coming of age movie for girls? Most guys would just buy a poster of Britney.

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    • So would you say that girls are not as visual as guys are?

    • Dating is easier for women