Have you ever regretted a tattoo? Did you get it removed?

Just a little pondering about the subject. I got a tattoo when I was 18, and yes I admit it was impulsive and I regret it as a mistake from my youth. Luckily it was only a small one, but the cost to remove it has yet since been more than 10X the cost of the actual tattoo because my skin is so resistant and my skin color unfortunately takes longer for the laser treatment to work : ( I've had about 9 laser sessions so far. It's halfway gone but still pretty visible.

Anyways just wondering, has anyone here ever had a tattoo and regretted it later? did you remove it, and if so what process did you do to have it removed? how long did it take? what do you think is the most effective removal process?


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  • It's cheaper and less painful to just cover it with a different tattoo that you really want

    • I've thought of doing that at one point, but I mainly want it removed because it's in a very visible spot (my neck) this makes it harder to find employment opportunities. If it was in a covered area though, it wouldn't really matter to me that much... but hey I guess we live and learn lol

    • I understand that. that's why I've always got mine where it's easy to cover with clothing if needed

  • Nope
    I planned all mine years prior
    And go to an inkmaster so I'm top notch na meen

  • never, not once, I have 4 and plan to get more.


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