The pros and cons of being above average attractive. Add anything you like.


- men treat you nicely/ make advances

- you might be more successful in your area of work because you're pretty

- easy getting into bars and clubs

- easy getting a date/can get anybody you want, but ONLY if you are extroverted

...and I really can't think of any more positive things from personal experiences.


- other women hate you/ death stares/ you get called names

- men treat you like an object because of your looks

- if you're shy you get mistaken for being stuck-up

- everyone assumes you're life is easy just because you're pretty

- you are pressured to approve your appearance constantly, because everyone notices you

- even when you are not wearing provocative clothes, men are ogling at your chest/backside

- you don't know whether you have any real friends, because you might just be arm candy or other girls hope they'll find it easier to get a boyfriend or either you don't have any female friends.

- pretty=airhead - people assume you're thick

- people assume you're snobbish, arrogant and bitchy

- if you're young, older women feel hostile towards you

- the opposite sex finds you intimidating, so nobody chats you up, only very sleazy/drunk men

- men honk/beep/shout disgusting things at you


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sadly there are definitely more cons associated than pros.

    Real guys won't have a problem approaching you to talk. Their confidence will shine and they'll make no big deal about your looks. They may pass you a compliment, which SHOULD BE done. Sheesh - any girl I see looking very attractive, I gotta admit to them that they look good. I do it calmly though, because I don't want them to think I want something back out of it (because I don't, I'm not an attention-seeker).

    Sadly, 90% of guys are too chickensh*t to approach. They're just not confident enough and think with their d*cks first instead of their head. That's where disgusting comments come from - they're thinking about sex and not the personality of the girl.

    The whole stuck-up part comes from the fact that girls may take comments too seriously. So it stems from the fact that the girl may not be confident herself. Any pretty girls I engage with, I casually talk to them just to establish some measure of comfort. Then I'll tease them for fun. It's all jokes. But when the girl doesn't like it, I figure she's got issues with her confidence. Because a confident girl won't take it seriously and she will joke back. Either that, or she's just a pessimistic sortie which I won't want to stick around.

    Being shy is ok. I find that attractive because it gives me an additional challenge to break her barriers down and open up more. And you can use your shyness to an advantage - let the guys talk more and when they finally say something perverted, you'll figure out they just want to bang you. The real guys will stay casual and talk about whatever, hoping to get to know you better first.

    • Haha, there needs to be more guys like you...I have a good sense of humour and I don't take everything to heart.

What Girls Said 1

  • I love this. People do assume when you are attractive you have it made, especially if you are a girl. But, really, you do have to be extroverted to date regularly and no one, no matter how pretty, can get anyone they like. In fact, some guys purposely avoid very attractive girls for fear of not measuring up to the girl's standards or thinking she will be a pain in the butt to date.

    I have been both unattractive (ugly duckling pre-teen/teen years), frumpy around the time of having my daughter in my 30's, and labeled "hot" in my 40's. They all come with some drawback and some advantages. I am happy to be a hottie at this stage of the game. Sure, I get asked out by guys in their 20's and some are perfectly happy to want to date me and others are not interested when they find out my age, but I would rather be attractive than purposely change my looks to be less so. I do believe in watching what you wear and not going to the skank zone in clothing.

    • I think my life would be easier if I was average looking, I'm such a loser and a social retard

    • Where are you at right now? Hot with a side of shy?

    • I'm what you call 'hot' I guess...but I think I suffer from social anxiety, because I used to be bullied by other girls in school...since I left school it's gotten a lot better, but I'm still low in confidence, and I've been using drugs to cope with it. I've recently met someone, and it's slooowwwly getting better.