Have you ever met someone attractive who thought they were unattractive?

I was on a dating site years ago.

There was this girl who thought she was unattractive and wouldn't post pictures, after awhile of talking, i finally got to see what she looked like, she was beautiful.

I saw why she thought she was ugly though, she had a mole on her cheek that stood out a bit, but besides that she was very attractive...
She had long hair, big brown eyes, she was just attractive

That being said, if a girl tells you she doesn't post pictures because she's "ugly"...
I mean you can be nice but expect what she told you... I have dealt with a few girls like that and i mean not to be rude but they weren't lying.. you can still be nice though & disagree
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  • apparently I'm like that, I must have dysmorphic disorder or something because I look fat (at 125lbs 5'6") and I don't really like my features even though most people tell me I'm pretty/beautiful/whatever. I haven't told anyone that I feel that way but when I complained that I gained almost ten pounds in two weeks I didn't hear the end of it and my family tries to get me to eat more.
    my rational side knows that I'm not fat and that I must eat, so I eat as healthy as I can so I don't gain weight :( but it still sucks when I look at myself in the mirror, I don't even wear bikinis to the beach

    • i can relafe to this. im the same. i would like to think one day we will see ourselves as others do

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    • im sure you will get there eventually. exercise is really good for you. try walks in nature too.

      i have learned to just accept compliments even when i didn't believe them. i found after a while of accepting it, i started to consider believing it. its progress. i suppose haha.

      i can accept who i am... just not other peoples opinions of me. i always feel theyre joking when they say anything positive

    • @Spongebob1235 haha of course it's progress. I'm trying hard to understand why I see myself like that but the harder I try the worse it gets. I'll try and stop fixating on what I see and accept what other people say... eventually I'll believe it.. hopefully
      it was nice knowing someone else knows what it feels 😊

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  • a lot of women are like that.


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  • I have literally not met one attractive person who thought they were unattractive. Some of them were insecure about some of their looks but they didn't tell me they thought they were ugly all together.

  • All the time


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